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Important policies

Late, no-show, and cancellation policies

If you are more than 5 minutes late to an appointment, that appointment may be given to a waiting student. If you cannot attend your appointment, please log in to mySWS or call 612.625.1893 to cancel as soon as possible. This frees your consultant to see other students at that time. If you do not cancel, the appointment will be labeled a “no-show.” Habitual no-shows will affect your access to SWS services.

Student privacy

Student Writing Support will not verify or discuss your session with your instructors. However, you are free to discuss your sessions with them. For this purpose, you may want to complete our Student Reflection Form after your session (form is also available in 15 Nicholson and 9 Appleby.) If your instructors require verification, please direct them to our Resources for Instructors page.

Misuse of identification

Student Writing Support will not work with clients who represent themselves as being someone else. Students using another person’s University identification, or transferring to anyone such identification, are committing the following disciplinary offenses under Section VI of the Student Conduct Code (italics added):

Subd. 3. Falsification. Falsification means willfully providing University offices or officials with false, misleading, or incomplete information; forging or altering without proper authorization official University records or documents or conspiring with or inducing others to forge or alter without proper authorization University records or documents; misusing, altering, forging, falsifying, or transferring to another person University-issued identification; or intentionally making a false report of a bomb, fire, natural disaster, or other emergency to a University official or an emergency service agency.

Subd. 4. Refusal to Identify and Comply. Refusal to identify and comply means willfully refusing to or falsely identifying one’s self or willfully failing to comply with a proper order or summons when requested by an authorized University official, by law enforcement personnel, or by emergency medical staff responding to an emergency.

Subd. 13. Unauthorized Use of University Facilities or Services. Unauthorized use of University facilities or services means wrongfully using University properties or facilities; misusing, altering, or damaging fire-fighting equipment, safety devices, or other emergency equipment or interfering with the performance of those specifically charged to carry out emergency services; or acting to obtain fraudulently—through deceit, unauthorized procedures, bad checks, or misrepresentation—goods, quarters, services, or funds from University departments or student organizations or individuals acting on their behalf.

Students who commit these offenses at SWS may lose access to SWS services.