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Consultant bios

Alanna Alanna

Alanna is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Chemistry and English Literature. She most enjoys collaborating on writing that crosses disciplines or expands her scope. She is excited to work with writing from any area, though she is most helpful on topics dealing with literature, natural sciences, and engineering. Off and on throughout the past few years, she has studied Spanish. Additionally, she has experience working with students whose first language is not English. Outside of school, she enjoys running, buying books, knitting, and gardening.


Aleisha is a fifth-year PhD student in English literature. She holds an MA in English literature and a BA in Asian Studies. This year she teaches World Lit and Children’s Lit, and has also taught First-Year Writing. She enjoys working with students on all stages of the writing process. Aleisha loves supporting students in any discipline as they develop arguments, hone their writing voices, and revise their work for greater clarity. She especially likes resumés and cover letters! She has an intermediate-level command of Mandarin. When she’s not on campus, Aleisha enjoys cooking, traveling, and riding her bicycle around town.

on leave fall 2019

Amber is a third-year PhD student in Sociology at the U of M. She holds a BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University. Her research focuses on the social media habits of Black users and broader understandings of race online. She is interested in all types and areas of writing, but is particularly interested in personal statements and grant applications. She is happy to help in all aspects of the writing process. In her spare time, Amber likes to run, play video games, and revel in Beyoncé and things related to her.


Aniket is a third-year undergraduate student from New Delhi, India, majoring in Chemical Engineering. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. With his interest in research and STEM-focused coursework, Aniket is a great asset for students seeking help with their research papers and lab reports. However, he is interested in working with students from all majors and disciplines, and loves to read creative fiction and literary analyses. In his leisure time, Aniket loves to watch each and every kind of sport imaginable along with watching cinema from all across the globe.


Anne is a Multilingual Learner Specialist who also teaches First-year Writing. She has a BA in French and English, and completed her MA and EdD here at the U of M. She enjoys working with students on anything from a thesis statement to a dissertation, a grad school application to a lab report. Anne has lived and worked around the world in international schools for most of her career and enjoys the diversity and challenge of new cultures and ideas. She also speaks French, which sometimes comes in handy at SWS!


Ariana is a PhD candidate in the Culture and Teaching program. She holds a BA in Global Studies with a minor in Asian American Studies. She loves supporting students from all disciplines as they develop their writing identities. She is especially happy to help students with generating and organizing ideas, utilizing theory and evidence to support arguments, managing technical elements, and exploring themes of power and positionality in writing. She has an intermediate command of speaking, reading, and writing Hmong. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and drawing.


Asma is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Economics, with minors in Statistics and Management. She's an international student from Pakistan, but she grew up in Qatar, Middle East. Asma is very passionate about writing and reading and would like to help students with literary analysis, creative writing, and research papers. She is most excited to help students brainstorm and develop ideas for their papers and help stimulate their creative thinking. Asma also enjoys working with cover letters and resumes. Asma speaks English, Urdu, and Hindi fluently, and can read and write in Arabic with only basic conversational skills. In her free time, Asma likes to work on her unfinished novels, watch shows like The Office and explore new places!


Ben is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying History and English. He enjoys supporting students from all disciplines. He is especially interested in helping students form research questions which critically examine the subject of the paper from a new perspective. He also is very familiar with working with new writers and English language learners, and loves to help people discover their own voice in freshman writing seminars. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, listening to music, and board games.


Bennett is a third-year undergraduate studying Technical Writing and Communication with a minor in Business Law. He is interested in public policy and legal discourse, and intends to work as a technical communicator. As a writer, Bennett focuses on the technical, objective side of composition, focusing on meeting the needs and requirements of the reader. Outside of work, Bennett is almost always playing soccer or spending time outdoors with friends, and is always on the hunt for new music.

on leave fall 2019

Bomi is a PhD candidate in English, fluent in both Korean and English. She received her master's degree in English Language and Literature from Korea and is currently working on her dissertation focusing on Asian American literature and drama. Bomi has worked with many native and non-native English speakers as well as students on all stages of their writing, from brainstorming to revising. She always emphasizes the power of language in our everyday lives as well as in the academic setting and prepares students with effective writing strategies, challenges them while believing in their potential to better articulate their ideas.


CJ is a third-year History and English double major with minors in Teaching English as a Second Language and African and African American Studies. She respects all parts of the writing process, but specifically enjoys the creative energy that brainstorming with a whiteboard can bring. She also enjoys working with writers to understand and communicate the “why” behind their writing. With her free time, CJ enjoys working with photo and video processes, playing the tenor sax, and living in intentional community.

Caty T.

Caty is a PhD candidate in Sociology with an MA in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her research focuses on medicine, markets, and regulation of bodies. Originally from New York, she uses her east coast brashness to help students write in a confident, succinct, and jargon-free way that lets their ideas shine. She is happy to help writers at any stage of their writing, and especially loves those early stages of brainstorming and outlining. Caty has also led several dissertation and fellowship writing workshops and loves helping students with their personal statements, job application materials, and scholarships.


Celine is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Neuroscience. While particularly interested in research, she is also more than happy to work on grants, personal statements, creative projects, or anything of the like. She enjoys developing ideas and finding connections, as well as improving grammar and clarity. She considers herself to be an experienced cross-disciplinary student and has experience writing for a wide variety of science and humanities courses. In her free time, Celine can be found making art, camping, and missing her hometown of Seattle.


Daniela is a third-year student majoring in Political Science and Global Studies, with a focus on the Middle East and Human Rights and Justice, and minoring in Family and Community Engagement. She looks forward to collaborating with students to create meaningful writings that are well organized and incorporate their unique voice. Outside of working at the writing center, Daniela enjoys volunteering at the Science Museum of Minnesota and being a part of the Multiracial Student Union on campus. She also loves to swim, rock climb, and look at pictures of bison.


David is a sixth-year PhD candidate (Theatre Arts and Dance) and has taught in Chicano and Latino Studies. He is excited to work with graduates and undergraduates to deepen artistic ideas and push creative explorations further. He enjoys seeing dissertation/thesis/capstone project writers through frustrating and celebratory moments, and to help students use assigned writing tasks to maintain critical tension between their lives, communities, and the conditions that shape their experience with learning. He speaks Spanish proficiently, plays music and fútbol with friends, and frequently visits the public library with his partner and daughter.


Dee is a PhD international student in Conservation Sciences interested in anything related to human-nature relation. She holds an MSc in Plant Ecology and a BA in Biological Sciences, both earned in Brazil. She speaks fluently English and Portuguese and comprehends Spanish well. She loves working with students from diverse backgrounds and helping them learn how to manage tasks used by successful writers, particularly those in environmental sciences and other STEM fields of study. She can also help students think about ways of WOWing their peers and instructors with slide presentations that are engaging and effective in communicating ideas and research findings. During her leisure time, one likely finds Dee crafting, reading, traveling, or geeking out over TV shows and Guida, her calico kitten.



Emily (she/her/hers) is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and Linguistics. She enjoys helping writers with all stages of the writing process, but especially enjoys developing ideas and looking at structure with her clients. She speaks Korean fluently, has a working knowledge of Mandarin, and has extensive experience supporting English language learners. Outside of work and class, Emily can be found biking around the Twin Cities, reading, FaceTiming her three wonderful poodles (Niko, Juno, and Rocco), collecting poodle memorabilia, or, most commonly, procrastinating on her writing assignments. 


Gabrielle is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a BA in Speech–Language– Hearing Sciences. Her background in language sciences has helped her develop technical skills in APA. She enjoys working with students on formatting, organization, and strengthening their argument. Gabrielle is fluent in German, and likes to work with other German language students on grammar. She is also second year Ojibwe language student. In her spare time, Gabrielle journals, writes poetry, sews, and plays an unhealthy amount of Super Nintendo.



Jacqui is a PhD candidate in Sociology, with an MA in Sociology and a BA in Sociology and Journalism. She likes working with graduate students on seminar papers, research proposals, grant and fellowship applications, personal statements, and thesis/dissertation organization and writing. And she has lots of experience working with undergraduate students on outlining and organization, course papers, and personal statements. Jacqui's strengths are in the social sciences, particularly sociology, anthropology, psychology, gender and women's studies, and communications.


Jasmine (she/her/hers) has a PhD in American Studies (U of M), an MA in American Civilization (Brown), and a BA in Comparative American Ethnic Studies (U Washington). She loves working with graduate writers on seminar papers and dissertations, and she also enjoys supporting writers on statements of purpose and personal statements. While she works with folks at any stage of their writing, she especially has fun brainstorming and concept-mapping ideas with writers. Jasmine grew up speaking Cantonese and English at home.

Jennifer D.

Jennifer D. is a PhD student in the Department of American Studies. She holds an MA in Asian American Studies and BA in English and Spanish. She has experience teaching in History, Asian American Studies, American Studies, and Writing Studies here at the U of M, UCLA, and UT Austin. Jennifer enjoys working with students throughout the writing process, especially brainstorming, organizing ideas, and cover letters or scholarship applications. She is most familiar with writing in the humanities but is also interested in working with students across disciplines.

Jennifer K.

Jennifer K. is a PhD candidate in English, with a BA in English Language and Literature from Seoul National University, where she also worked as a writing tutor for a year, and an MA in English from the University of Minnesota. She has taught freshmen writing as well as various courses on modern fiction and literary theory, and is currently writing a dissertation about peripheral modernism. Though Jennifer enjoys discussing writing at all stages, helping students generate and organize ideas is her favorite. Jennifer also likes working with multilingual writers as she is familiar with their challenges and potentials.

Jennifer N.

Jennifer N. is a third-year PhD student in Land and Atmospheric Science. She conducts community-based research to explore how urban agriculture interacts with the environment, grounding her work in agroecology, soil science, and environmental justice. As an interdisciplinary writer and researcher, Jennifer especially enjoys helping others identify and target the audiences of their writing. She truly loves working with students through all steps of the writing process and especially loves brainstorming and outlining sessions. In her free time, Jennifer can be found in her community garden, biking all the places, and attending *so many* theater productions.


Jerald is a third-year Chemical Engineering student who, before coming to Minnesota, lived in the small, but packed, northwestern island of Penang in Malaysia for eighteen years. He understands how hard it is to write in a complete but concise way. However, accompanied by his background in the STEM courses in his major, he believes that his will to teach makes him a good choice for anyone needing help with any piece of writing, including STEM work like lab reports. Outside of academics, Jerald enjoys baking overly sweet desserts, playing soccer, and listening to music.



Jesse is a third-year undergraduate student in the English Department. She holds an AA degree and is working on a BA in the College of Liberal Arts. She enjoys working with writers of all disciplines, helping them to convey their messages with clarity. She is especially interested in helping writers create a clear voice and develop techniques to better their grammar. In her spare time, Jesse loves reading, crafts, cooking, and practicing yoga.


Joe has worked as a writing consultant in both English and Spanish-based writing centers with several years of experience working with students whose first language is not English. Joe speaks French, Spanish, and some American Sign Language (ASL) as well as English. He has a BA in Spanish and an MA in Spanish Linguistics, and he's a student in the master’s program in TESOL. His interests include traveling, linguistics, nineteenth-century English literature, cooking, and single-origin, two-ingredient, bean-to-bar chocolates.


Justice is a second-year undergraduate studying English with a minor in Sociology. She is particularly interested in how literature reflects individuals in society. She is happy to look at any type of writing, but is most drawn to essays and works of fiction. In her free time, she likes to talk about movies, listen to music, and go mountain biking.

Katie L.

Katie L. (she/her/hers) has a PhD, MA, and BA in English. Her dissertation was on writing center theory and practice; her MA work was primarily in Victorian Literature; and her BA included almost-minors in Music, Art History, and Philosophy. She wishes she could take more classes, including math, with which she struggles mightily. She enjoys working with and learning from writers from across the disciplines; however, she has a particular affinity for dissertation writers, having been one for so long herself. When not at the Center, Katie enjoys reading, cooking, baking with chocolate, and watching more TV than is good for her.


Kerry is a Multilingual Learner Specialist at SWS. She has her MA in Teaching ESL in Higher Education from the U of M and her BS in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Kerry loves working with students at every stage of the writing process but especially enjoys talking about early ideas for papers and how to organize those ideas effectively. Outside of teaching, she also enjoys hiking, biking, and hanging out with her dogs, Lucy and Leia.


Kim is a Multilingual Learner Specialist in the Writing Studies Department and has worked as a writing instructor and consultant at the U of M for almost 20 years. She has an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and a BA in English and Spanish. Kim enjoys and is a fierce supporter of all student writers, both native and non-native English speakers, and has the flexibility and experience to work with both undergraduate and graduate student writers on all types of writing tasks. In her spare time, Kim enjoys her addiction to secondhand shopping and eating out with friends. When she runs out of money, she likes to cook at home from her huge collection of cookbooks.


Kirsten has a PhD, MA, and BA in English Literature—the study of which has deepened her interest in the power of narrative, how writers establish voice and authority, and how writing works in the world. That curiosity about how writing works both inside and outside the University fuels her work with student writers across the disciplines, and she appreciates how much those students have taught her about culture and society, literature, education, politics, science, technology, and many other subjects. She especially loves working with writers who struggle to write (like she does), who are self-reflective about their learning, and who are willing to experiment and take risks in their writing.


Kylie (she/her/hers) is a second-year undergraduate student studying Management Information Systems at the Carlson School of Management. She is an international student from Vietnam. Kylie would love to help her peers with developing structures for their essays, editing grammar, searching for strong evidence to back up arguments, and polishing the work. She is most comfortable reading persuasive essays, personal statements, resumes, CVs, rhetorical analyses, and summaries. Her hobbies include traveling, trying out good food and boba in the areas, swimming, cooking, and binge-watching TV series.


Lauren is a PhD candidate in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. She has an MA through the same program and a BA in History with a minor in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University. She taught US History and Government for two years, prior to attending graduate school. She is happy to consult on any subject, but has particular experience with writing in the humanities and sciences. Lauren most enjoys the creative (brainstorming, forming an argument, framing) aspects of writing. In her spare time, she loves crafting, baking, and playing with her pup, Alfie.



Leah is a Multilingual Learner Specialist at SWS. She holds an MA in TESOL (ESL) and a BA in Spanish and Communication Studies (all from the U of M), and she is honored to have the opportunity to learn from and support other writers with diverse language and disciplinary backgrounds. Leah is fluent in Spanish and loves to “trans-language” with other Spanish-English multilingual writers during consultations. Outside of the Center for Writing, Leah loves to spend time in nature, host gatherings with her husband, and play with her three-year-old and one-year-old.


Lee (he/him/his) has a PhD in Critical Literacy (U of M) and a BA in Theatre and Secondary English Education (Augsburg). He is excited to work with writing from any area and at any stage in the writing process. He is particularly interested in narratives and storytelling. As a new dad, he has become engrossed in children's literature when he's not spending time working in the garden or the kitchen.


Liv is a senior completing a BS in Scientific and Technical Communication and a BA in English, as well as an interdisciplinary design minor. Liv is completing a summa thesis in technical writing as part of the BS degree and also works at Radio K as a writer and producer for the Real College Podcast. Liv is eager to help writers with anything they need, but especially enjoys talking about structure and the research process. Liv reads and speaks Spanish proficiently and writes Spanish at an intermediate level. In her free time, Liv enjoys playing music with friends, cooking, gardening, and being outside (running, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, climbing).


Maija has a PhD, MA in Theater History, and a BA in Sociology/Anthropology & Dance Studies. As a writing consultant, she believes in establishing a practice of mutual respect, empathy, and trust, as well as working with student writers to establish their agency and voice in the writing process. She especially enjoys working with graduate and undergraduate IPOC students on a variety of writing projects, from dissertation work, to shorter essays, personal and teaching statements, to grant applications, to creative fiction. As a visual learner and decidedly non-linear thinker, she is also very interested in ways concept mapping can reflect an architecture of thinking and interconnectedness of ideas to help in all stages of the writing process.   


Maryan (she/her/hers) is a third-year student studying Technical Writing and Communication with a focus on Information Technology & Design and a minor in Sustainability Studies. She is interested in many different subjects but is especially excited to consult on subject matters such as law, the environment, technology, and human rights. Maryan speaks English and Somali and is hoping to learn other languages. Her favorite writing process is the beginning and ensuring the work flows. During her free time she likes to look at flights. Maryan would like to travel the whole world and dreams to be a travel writer.



Megan (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Linguistics. She is also minoring in English, Asian Languages & Literature (Korean), and working towards receiving a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate. She looks forward pursuing a career in education as an ESL teacher both abroad and in the states. She specializes is happy to work with students on everything from WRIT 1301 essays to resumes to literary analyses and research papers. Recently, Megan spent a month traveling through Northern Thailand and researching the cultural and social aspects of the rural communities found there.


Meta (pronounced May-ta) is a first year Master’s student in the College of Education and Human Development. She is studying to become a high school teacher of ESL and Spanish. As an undergraduate student she majored in English and Spanish. Meta loves to consult on personal statements, personal narratives, and anything related to education. In her free time Meta likes to rock climb, dance salsa, and read sci-fi.


Miki (they/them/theirs) is a third-year undergraduate student studying English, creative writing, and Japanese. They are working towards a bachelor's degree in CLA, as well as a TESL certificate in CEHD. They are happy to work with students in any discipline and at any stage of the writing process. They especially enjoy working with fiction and nonfiction creative work, literary analysis, and research papers. In their free time, Miki enjoys playing video games, trying new food, and painting.


Nishant (He/Him/His) is an undergraduate student majoring in chemical engineering. An international student, he is from India but has resided in the UAE for the past 15 years of his life. He speaks English, Hindi and Odia fluently and has basic proficiency in Arabic. A visual learner, he enjoys reading stories and poems which paint images in his mind and his favorite book is All the Light You Cannot See, written by Anthony Doerr. He is an avid tennis player (Rafa fan!) and loves playing cricket when he gets the chance to go back home.


Pallavi is a fourth-year international student from India studying Management Information Systems & Human Resources with a Psychology minor. She is fluent in English and Hindi and is working on improving her French. She likes working with students on different writing pieces such argumentative essays, resumes and cover letters. She wants to help individuals to find their voice and channel their creativity in anything they write. In her free time, Pallavi likes reading, watching YouTube (she just started a YouTube channel too!), dancing, traveling, and trying out new coffee shops around the Twin Cities.


Pang is a third-year PhD student in the Educational Psychology–Special Education program with a BA in Psychology. Pang can speak, read, and write Hmong. As a first-generation college student and a non-native English speaker, Pang has personal experience with figuring out how to use academic language and translating her thoughts from a different language into English and onto paper. Pang has experience writing literature reviews, research papers, and scholarship/fellowship applications. She is happy to assist you in multiple stages of your writing, especially with generating ideas and organizing your thoughts. In Pang's free time, she enjoys re-watching Harry Potter movies and Wonder Woman and doing anything active outdoors.


Pierre is a fourth-year undergraduate international student from Lebanon studying Computer Engineering. He lived in Lebanon for eighteen years and so is fluent in Arabic and French, as well as English. Pierre’s coursework in engineering and his experience in research make him a great resource for lab reports, research proposals, and research papers in STEM fields of study. Pierre is also a strong asset for students, both native and non-native English speakers, who seek help with their freshman writing papers. In his spare time, Pierre enjoys listening to rock music, playing electric guitar, and watching European soccer.


Rachael is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Psychology and Spanish. She enjoys the personal side of writing and loves to read others' work to experience their unique voice and style. Her strengths include organization and sentence structure, especially in critical analysis, persuasive essays, and research essays. However, she brings writing experience from multiple disciplines and welcomes the opportunity to work with all writers. She spent six weeks in Spain interning in a psychiatric hospital and has a strong understanding of the Spanish language. In her free time, Rachael likes to nap with her dog, watch NCIS reruns, read, and run.



Rye is a fifth-year PhD student in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. He holds an MLIS in Library Science and a BFA in Theatre Design and Production. He’s interested in supporting writers from all disciplines and at all stages of their process but is especially excited to work with writers who struggle to move from the idea generation phase to a more formal structure. He enjoys cycling, playing ukulele, and hanging out with his dog.


Sarah (she/her/hers) is a Multilingual Learner Specialist at SWS and also teaches First Year Writing courses. She holds an MA in ESL from the U of M and a BA in German and English from the University of Wisconsin. Her previous teaching and tutoring experiences include working in the Minnesota English Language Program as well as positions in South Korea, China, and Turkey. She is particularly experienced in working with multilingual writers but is eager to work with any writer during any part of the writing process, from focusing and organizing ideas to discussing specific language choices. When she’s not teaching or consulting, Sarah enjoys traveling to new places, biking, hiking, camping, cooking, and browsing in thrift stores.


Sen is an undergraduate student in the College of Biological Sciences with majors in Microbiology and Biochemistry. As a student of professional communication in his career/education, Sen centers his consulting work around the strategic representation of writers' passion and expertise in their respective fields. He leverages his MBA & MPA coursework at the U, research experience in microorganism-empowered biotechnology, and teaching/grading experience as Lab Instructor in biology courses, to help writers with a variety of writing tasks, including personal statements, research papers, resumes, pitches, management memos, and beyond. In his free time, Sen also likes to play basketball and explore Chinese food in the Twin Cities area.

Sourojit (G)

Sourojit (also goes by G) is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Computer Science with a minor in Creative Writing. An international student from Calcutta, India, Sourojit speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. His favorite part of any writing is the aspect of creativity, how a banal sentence can be turned fiery-hot without the slightest change in meaning. In his free time, Sourojit is a part of Model UN or is on the field for just about every field sport imaginable.


Sukritya is a junior at the Carlson School of Management majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Finance. He is an international student from Nepal and is fluent in English, Hindi, and Nepali. Sukritya aspires to be a management consultant and loves working with students and helping them in their writing endeavors across multiple disciplines ranging from mathematics to history. In his free time, Sukritya loves playing squash and follows almost every game of cricket.


Sunny (she/her/hers) is a second-year undergraduate student from Shoreview, Minnesota, studying Accounting. She enjoys reading articles, creative nonfiction, and pieces analyzing business management. Sunny is fluent in both Korean and English. In her free time, she loves listening to music, reading memoirs, and chatting with friends.


Susan is a Multilingual Learner Specialist and often teaches WRIT 1301 in addition to consulting at SWS. Engaging with ideas, challenging students to think more deeply, and helping them discover and plan what they want to say all keep her energized. She also loves to dig into grammar and sentence structure. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Houston and a BA in English from Luther College. Although native to Minnesota, her teaching career started in Texas and later Portugal where she gained fluency in both Spanish and Portuguese, respectively. Outside of work, she dances, explores regional parks, and reads fiction, essays, and news sources.


Tess is a fourth-year undergraduate double-majoring in English and French. She mostly practices literary analysis, but she also has some experience with journalism, creative nonfiction, and legal writing. She likes discussing the logic and structure behind a writer’s ideas during the outlining stages and loves working with theory. The scope of subjects that interest her is wide and varied. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, exploring new places, and being with friends.


Winston is a fourth-year undergraduate pursuing a Neuroscience major and a Computer Science minor. He enjoys helping students with essays, applications, and multidisciplinary writing, but he is most excited to assist with writing that involves the sciences and research. In all writing formats, he wants to help students express their thoughts fully and succinctly. He hopes to contribute to all elements of the creative process, and he is interested in organizing ideas to help the writing flow smoothly. In his free time, Winston likes playing video games, biking, and playing ultimate frisbee.


Yugene (pronounced as "Eugene") is a third-year undergraduate studying Biochemistry and Human Physiology as a double major. Yugene is enthusiastic about helping in research papers or reports, personal statements, and essays of any kind; he's particularly interested in helping with scientific writing, the variety he handles most often. His favorite part about writing is the flexibility of expression it provides, and the innumerable ways in which it is employed. He enjoys cooking, volunteering, working out, and playing with animals in his free time.