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Why participate in the Dissertation Writing Retreat?


Past participants have told us that the retreat was “invaluable”:

  • The structure and positive environment of the retreat made my work feel less burdensome and POSSIBLE! This is what I have needed most in my dissertation writing process: hope and confidence. The retreat has given me both of those things.
  • [This retreat] has changed my ideas about writing and demystified a lot of the process. It is also good to be reminded that my work benefits so much from talking it over with people (besides my advisor).
  • I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to participate and work with the awesome consultants. This is only the beginning to me becoming a more confident writer. I'm that much closer to being a Ph.D. graduate.
  • Prior to the retreat my dissertation seemed huge and overwhelming. This retreat has given me skills to take on small chunks and work through my writing difficulties. I would like to thank you especially for providing us with resources that we can use now and in our careers. Because of this retreat I have learned to enjoy writing as much as research.
  • The retreat has helped me to be even more organized about the dissertation process, particularly with respect to setting reasonable and flexible goals. Moving forward, I feel that I can even more clearly share my goals with my advisors.

When asked if they would recommend the retreat to other dissertators, participants told us:

  • Yes! Great to connect with other dissertators, great to get some fresh perspective on how writing gets done. Great to have access to writing consultants, and to discuss my work with people outside my field.
  • YES!! This is a great environment for any dissertator: the support from both the consultants and fellow writers is priceless.
  • YES, because it has reminded me of my own value and voice, that I can do this thing!, and expanded what feels possible in the next year.
  • Absolutely! I already did. I found it to be inspiring (in the sense of finally realizing that I could actually finish this dissertation—this is the first time I have felt like this is doable and that I WILL finish). The sense of community gave me the feeling that the worries and fears I had were pretty common and that people had worked through them and actually finished.

Light bulb photo by Kat Clay, used with permission under a creative commons license. See more of this photographer's work here.