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Face-to-face appointments and face-to-face Zoom consultations

All SWS consultations are now offered virtually, with consultations and face-to-face Zoom consultations. For instructions on using, click here. Booking face-to-face Zoom consultations is the same method for booking appointments in Nicholson Hall, but your confirmation email will reveal the following instructions:

 1) A few minutes before your scheduled consultation, log in to your UMN gmail account. In that account, you will receive an email from an SWS consultant providing the Zoom link for your meeting. The email will come from an X500 that uses the letters “sws” plus a number (for example, If you do not see the email by the time your appointment is scheduled to start, please check your spam folder and keep checking your email in case there is some sort of delay.

2) Click on the Zoom meeting link you’ve been sent, and wait in Zoom for the consultant to arrive. (You may find yourself in a virtual waiting room. The consultant will join you as soon as possible.) While you’re waiting, you may want to open your Google doc or other materials that you want to work on with the consultant.

3) If you cannot make this appointment, please cancel or reschedule so another student can use this valuable instructional time. To do so, please visit mySWS and go to the Access My Visits page. We recognize that these are stressful times, so we understand if you need to cancel for any reason!

 We appreciate your patience with the challenges and your help as we figure out together how to make this technology work best for writing consultations!

You can make, cancel, or reschedule a face-to-face appointment with one of our consultants by going to mySWS.

All appointments are scheduled for 40 minutes. Students may make only one appointment per day and two appointments per week. Appointments may be scheduled up to three weeks in advance.

Pro tip: We often have last-minute openings! Check mySWS frequently!

Please see our consultant bios page to find out more about our consultants.

What to bring to a face-to-face consultation
  • A copy of the writing you want to work on or any ideas you have for your project
  • Any materials that will help your consultant understand the context of your writing project. These might include the assignment sheet, the syllabus, in-class notes, previous drafts or feedback on your writing, or any other materials you think it would be helpful to share with the consultant.
  • A pen and paper to take notes from the session

To learn more about what to expect and how to get the most from your visit to the Center, look at our general and graduate-student-focused informational handouts.

Please be aware of the Center's important policies related to appointments, privacy, and identification.