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Resources for instructors

Introducing SWS to your students

Our surveys show that more students use Student Writing Support because of their instructors' advice than for any other reason. Your support of our services is vital, and we greatly appreciate it.

Here are some materials to help you introduce SWS to your students:

  • a two-and-a-half-minute video that introduces SWS and explains who we are, what we do, and how to access our services:
  • Link to a higher-quality version: This version can be played in full screen and includes a transcript of the audio.
  • a script you may use or adapt to provide a more in-depth explanation of our services and how best to use our services

Text that may be used in your syllabus

Student Writing Support (SWS) offers free writing instruction for all University of Minnesota students—graduate and undergraduate—at all stages of the writing process. In face-to-face and online collaborative consultations, SWS consultants from across the disciplines help students develop productive writing habits and revision strategies.

Consulting is available by appointment online and in Nicholson Hall, and on a walk-in basis in Appleby Hall. For more information, go to or call 612.625.1893.

In addition, SWS offers a number of web-based resources on topics such as avoiding plagiarism, documenting sources, and planning and completing a writing project.

SWS policies that you need to know about

Because we are an elective resource that relies on student collaboration and trust, we cannot accommodate “required” appointments nor provide instructors with proof that student visits have taken place. Instructors who would like to offer students extra credit for working with an SWS consultant might ask their students to summarize what happened during the session.

Especially for your multilingual students

Instructional consultations and web resources for teaching with writing

All instructors are encouraged to visit the Teaching with Writing (TWW) portion of this site, which contains a wealth of resources that help instructors effectively incorporate writing into their courses. Professional teaching consultants are available to meet individually with instructors about all aspects of teaching with writing. For more information, please go to the TWW consultations page.

Additional resources for instructors at UMN