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Student Writing Support (Nicholson, Appleby, APARC, & is closed for the summer. We will reopen on Tuesday, September 4.

Student Writing Support (SWS) helps student writers develop confidence and effective writing strategies through collaborative one-to-one writing consultations. Our writing consultants listen to writers, read and respond to their written work, pose questions that help them clarify and articulate their ideas, and affirm the experiences and abilities they bring to their writing. We value all writers and their life experiences, worldviews, and languages, and we seek to provide a supportive space for all writers to share and develop their voices.

A writing consultation is a 40-minute conversation between a writer and a consultant. Together, they set the agenda for the session based on the writer’s goals and concerns, read and discuss the work in progress, and collaborate to reach the writer’s goals. Consultants work with writers at any stage of the writer’s process, such as brainstorming and organizing ideas, developing a thesis statement or line of argument, creating cohesive paragraphs, revising sentences, and documenting sources. A consultation is often focused on a specific assignment or writing task, with the goal of supporting writers as they develop more effective and productive writing strategies to apply to future writing projects.

In addition to writing consultations, we offer a variety of videos, printable handouts, and web pages in our Quick help section.

mySWS is an online interface through which you can manage many aspects of your SWS writing consultations. Through it, you can
  • make, reschedule, and cancel appointments for consultations
  • revise submissions, see consultant comments, enter chats
  • find a list of your upcoming and past SWS consultations
  • update your student profile