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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Unity Triangle

link to cover pageChristine Velure Roholt and Deirdre Hagstrom, leaders
Paul Ames, Central
Patricia Harris, Como
Amber Moore, Como
Amanda Yang, Central



writingSometimes Life
by Paul Ames
Central Senior High School

Life isn’t what it’s supposed to be
They say the best in life is free
But you always end up paying a fee
and in This world full of hate
Don’t lose sight of your fate
And always remember





What I See
by Patricia Harris
Como Park Senior High School

writing and collageCrying, yelling, screaming
Fighting, dog barks, TVs blare

That’s what I hear
when I walk into
the site of darkness
that I see everyday

It’s like walking into
my death bed everyday
It’s like deja vu
over and over again

I can’t imagine how
I got here, and I
wonder why it’s me
that has to go
through this

It’s like the devil
coming after me wanting
me to suffer

I stand in this mirror
looking, wishing I
was someone else

I want to be
better than this
I can do
better than this

Maybe I will be
better than this

But I wonder……..
Is that day going
to come soon?

What I See Author’s Statement:
I came to start writing poems when I was in 6th grade. But what gives me the inspiration for writing poems is artwork or pictures that I see. But I also write a lot of poems about what I’m going through or what I feel, and also what I see others go through. 

!Waiting on the World to Change! Artist’s Statement:
This kind of connects with my poem and like the theme of change, bur also what we see/hear everyday in the world.



by Amber Moore
Como Park Senior High School

collage             The one word that describes me is TRAVEL. I have been to places like Florida and California where I like the sun and warmth. Not only that, I love water. I do not want to leave the ocean, lake or sea. When I went to San Diego, California I went to feed the dolphins, but before 11 am it was the dolphins play time. So while they were playing one specific dolphin kept splashing water on me so I was soaked the whole day at Seaworld.
            I’ve been to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; it was a beautiful place. It has a lot of natural hot springs and even Old Faithful. Driving in Yellowstone you have to be very careful because you can be close to the edge of a cliff and even see animals like buffalo or moose in their own natural habitat.
            North Dakota. Once we got there, I saw fields and country. It was a different feeling to me because nobody was around. When we found our hotel it was bad - like water damage had happened to the hotel. People were living at the hotel.
            While driving to South Dakota we stopped and had blueberry muffins and found some geese and gave them muffins. They did not like the banana nut ones we had. After we tried to leave they did not want to leave us alone. We finally got out and left the geese with what they had to eat. Got to South Dakota went to our K.O.A. and went to bed. Next day we went on a tour and saw Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, and Crazy Horse. While at Crazy Horse they were selling rocks that were part of the carving of Crazy Horse which I liked. During our time in South Dakota, I got to feed wild donkeys which I thought was awesome.
            I’ve been to Mexico, but only on the border. I went with my grandparents because they were living in Arizona for a while. I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon  but the car would not make it. We got to go to Old Town and went horseback riding there which was fun, and it seemed like I was in an action movie. This is why I say TRAVEL is the best word to describe me.

Vacation Author’s Statement:
I have always had a passion for animals and nature.




They Assume
by Amanda Yang
Central Senior High School

writingPeople assume this and that about me
when they don’t even know a thing;
they assume I’m shy just because
I don’t talk in front of them,
they assume I’m weak just because
I don’t show my strength around them,
they assume I’m wild just because
I’m having the time with my girls,
they assume I’m sad just because
they don’t see me smile,
they assume I’m boring just because
I don’t laugh at their lame jokes
they assume I’m mean just because
I don’t do what they asked,
they assume I’m random just because
I’m tryin’ to start a conversation,
they assume I’m smart just because
I always do my homework
they assume I’m lazy just because
I get tired during the day
people assume this and that about me
when they don’t even know a thing.




Born to Do Good
by Christine Velure Roholt
University of Minnesota














by Deirdre Hagstrom
Como Park High School