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Young Writers Conference, 2010

link to 2010 anthologyOver a period of three days, students and teachers from three St. Paul Schools—Central Senior High, Como Park Senior High, and Harding Senior High —viewed, learned, and wrote about the Weisman Art Museum exhibit Common Sense: Art and the Quotidian.

To immerse students in the creative practices of everyday art, each student was given a notebook to fill with words, images, ideas, and reactions to the art of the Weisman Museum. To further inspire student engagement with art, photographer Wing Young Huie presented on issues of power and identity in his work. Showcasing photos from his various community-based art projects, including his most recent photography exhibit, The University Avenue Project, Young Huie emphasized the capacity of images to shape individual perceptions and cultural realities.

The students worked in writing groups led by graduate students in education and other university staff volunteers.  In addition to writing about power and identity, students made photo collages and detailed sketches to express ideas in ways that words could not, all of which are featured in this year’s online anthology.

Visit the online anthology to read and view the students’ work:

Ccommon Sense: Art of the Everyday | Young Writers Conference 2010