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Writing Process and Thematic Inquiry: Writing for Social Justice

Writing for Social Justice is a 3-credit graduate course offered by the Minnesota Writing Project through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. In it, participants will focus on three areas:


You will reflect on your own writing processes as you write, share your writing, and participate in a community of writers. Writing groups will meet several times during the week.


You will consider the theory and practice of writing instruction that helps students achieve their potential as writers and change agents.


You will examine a current literacy issue related to the course theme: writing for social justice. Course texts include academic articles and book chapters related to the course theme.

Aspects of inquiry might include

  • Exploring the connection between personal and social justice writing
  • Taking action through writing
  • Examining a variety of genres
  • Bringing social justice topics into the writing process
  • Assessing social justice writing
  • Investigating digital writing options


Teachers in all
• Grade levels
• Content areas
• Experience levels

We encourage experienced social justice educators and those new to the theme to join us! Past Invitational Summer and Open Institute participants are welcome, as are both degree and non-degree seeking students.


June 3–6 and 10–13, 2024

9:00 am to 3:00 pm


UMN–Twin Cities, East Bank

Register for this graduate course (CI 5465) at If you’re not a currently-enrolled student at the University of Minnesota, you can also register as a non-degree/guest student.

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