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About the Minnesota Writing Project

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The Minnesota Writing Project is a National Writing Project site committed to improving student literacy through the development of the leadership, voice, and professionalism of teachers. By supporting and developing teachers, MWP facilitates ongoing learning and collaboration among teachers, empowering them to meet educational goals and challenges.


  • To establish and sustain a network of teachers who write, teach, and learn with other teachers
  • To support teachers as writers and researchers
  • To develop and share meaningful practices for teaching 21st century literacies
  • To assist districts and schools in meeting their literacy needs through professional development
  • To promote cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity within MWP
  • To strengthen collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Minnesota’s school districts and teachers.
  • To nurture connection with the National Writing Project and NWP sites in the Midwest region.


This brief history of MWP, produced by Ann Thompson, with videographer Charlie McCarron, highlights the history of MWP and shares teacher insights on how MWP has increased the professional power of classroom teachers, helped to improve student writings, and strengthened university and school collaboration on writing instruction:


Link to a higher-quality version.

Since 1991, the Minnesota Writing Project has become a solid base of operation for the National Writing Project. The MWP is committed to improving the writing of all students, strengthening university and school collaboration on writing instruction, and increasing the professional power of classroom teachers.

Currently the only active writing project in the state, the MWP is housed in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. The Center for Writing provides meeting space, secretarial support, equipment, and an archive of research articles and books used by teachers throughout the state. As part of its mission the Center regularly reviews writing resources on the Web. We review web sites for teachers and researchers of writing. 

Believing that teachers can empower other teachers, members of the Project provide an environment in which teachers can learn from one another and then share that learning with others in their departments, schools, and districts.

Support MWP

Individual support

MWP appreciates your ongoing support of our programs and activities and hope you will consider giving a fully tax-deductible gift to our foundation. For more information, go to the Center for Writing giving page.

Institutional Partnerships

Schools/districts investing in a two-year cooperative agreement with the Minnesota Writing Project are entitled to services at a discounted rate. Institutions in a cooperative agreement may purchase additional services at the discounted rate beyond their initial payment during the agreement period. For more information contact

Click here to watch Ann Thompson's video in which MWP teacher consultants share their thoughts on the impact the program has had on both their writing and teaching.


Our listserv provides opportunities for educators to initiate conversations about writing and teaching. To subscribe to the MWP listserv, contact stating your interest and providing your preferred email address.

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