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About the Young Writers Conference, 2010

A celebration of student writing inspired by the Weisman Art Museum

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imageThrough an expanded partnership with the St. Paul School District, the Minnesota Writing Project hosts a Young Writers Conference at the Weisman Art Museum. The Conference provides an opportunity for schools to inspire some of their best student writers by bringing them to the University of Minnesota campus, fostering interaction with other student writers and encouraging critical response to a variety of creative stimuli at the museum. Fifty students and their accompanying teachers were invited to participate in this cross-disciplinary writing experience.

To kick off this year’s event, the students were immersed in creative practices of everyday art, be it through focused drawing or collage making. Each student was given a notebook to fill with words, images, ideas, and reactions to the art of the Weisman Museum. T he students worked in writing groups led by graduate students in education and other university staff volunteers.

To further inspire student engagement with art, photographer Wing Young Huie presented on issues of power and identity in his photography . Showcasing photos from his various community based art projects, including his most recent work, The University Avenue Project, Young Huie emphasized the capacity of images to shape individual perceptions and cultural realities.

Included in this anthology are the collages and the writings composed by these talented students from three St. Paul Schools: Central Senior High School, Como Park Senior High School, and Harding Senior High School.

The Minnesota Writing Project (MWP), a site of the National Writing Project, aims to improve writing—and the teaching of writing—from pre-kindergarten through college.  Believing that teachers can empower other teachers, and that learning is a lifelong pursuit, MWP provides Minnesota educators opportunities to learn from one another and then share that learning with their colleagues, schools, and, of course, their students.

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Thanks to:

imageBrittany Altendorf
Theresa Behnke
Donna Clark
Candance Doerr-Stevens
Rick Filipkowski
Karena Hunt
Peter Ilten
Laura Hammond
Debra Hartley
Eileen Johnson
Liana Lingofelt
Meredith McCarthy
Judi Petkau
Micki St. Sauver
Molly Schned
Muriel Thompson
Christine VeLure Roholt
Terri Wallace
Wing Young Huie