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A sampling of MWP workshop topics

  • College/Citizen Ready Writers Program: Preparing student writers for college, career, and community
  • Developing culturally relevant writing pedagogy
  • Designing effective and authentic writing assignments
  • Implementing Connected Learning principles to support authentic writing assignments
  • Promoting writing in the content areas
  • Supporting English Language Learners as writers
  • Exploring the benefits, challenges, and practical implementations of digital/multimodal writing
  • Integrating art in the teaching of writing—or vice versa!
  • Fostering a writing community and facilitating classroom writers’ workshops
  • Embedding mechanics in writing instruction
  • Building students’ revision toolkits
  • Building formative and summative writing assessments
  • Preparing students for formal writing assessments
  • Implementing digital tools in writing pedagogy
  • Providing meaningful feedback for writers


Schools and school districts may contract with the Minnesota Writing Project for workshops. These workshop sessions are customized to meet needs and interests, including specific grade levels, demographics, and teaching backgrounds.  All sessions include writing and are interactive. Go here to see descriptions of workshop sessions.

Site-Based Consultations

Schools and school districts may purchase the services of MWP to

  • assist in developing or evaluating district or building literacy programs
  • support the development and facilitation of large-scale writing assessments
  • establish study groups on literacy topics

For more information about our in-services and how we can tailor them to meet the needs of your school and staff, please contact