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Consultations, workshops, & in-services

National Writing Project (NWP) professional development engages and energizes teachers while improving students' experience with writing. Research confirms the positive impacts of professional development for teachers and students.

As the Minnesota site of the NWP, we believe that teachers are valuable sources of information for each other, both in the classroom and in leadership positions. MWP draws on teachers' knowledge, passion, and experience to provide hands-on, innovative professional development relevant to today's educational contexts. We provide contextualized professional development opportunities (including the workshops below) that are tailored to schools and their students.


Site-Based Consultations

Schools and school districts may contact MWP for assistance in

  • developing or evaluating district or building literacy programs
  • supporting the development and facilitation of large-scale writing assessments
  • establishing study groups on literacy topics



  • College/Citizen Ready Writers Program: Preparing student writers for college, career, and community
  • Developing culturally relevant writing pedagogy
  • Designing effective and authentic writing assignments
  • Implementing Connected Learning principles to support authentic writing assignments
  • Promoting writing in the content areas
  • Supporting English Language Learners as writers
  • Exploring the benefits, challenges, and practical implementations of digital/multimodal writing
  • Integrating art in the teaching of writing—or vice versa!
  • Fostering a writing community and facilitating classroom writers’ workshops
  • Embedding mechanics in writing instruction
  • Building students’ revision toolkits
  • Building formative and summative writing assessments
  • Preparing students for formal writing assessments


Please contact Site Director Lee Fisher for more information or to set up a consultation.