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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2017

image of fellowJodi Baker

Writing: Dad's Coins #1 and #2
Demonstration: Revision by Changing Point of View (POV)



image of fellowKatie Cady

Writing: The Bracelet    
Demonstration: Finding Voice within a Highly Structured Form 


image of fellowChundra Cobbin

Writing: I Am from       
Demonstration: Writing in Math



image of fellow

Bryan Coyle

Writing: Writing Group
Demonstration: Identity and Disclosure in the ELA Classroom


image of fellowJuliet Dana

Writing: Pantoum for Americans, quiet and otherwise
Demonstration: Predict & Reveal: Sequencing Topic Sentences towards a Thesis 



Waleid Hassan

Writing: Burden
Demonstration: I Can Use the Segment Addition Postulate and Congruent Segments to Write and Solve Equations


Jacob Juliar

Writing: What Does a Seventh Grader Know?
Demonstration: Little Roja Riding Hood: Using Non-English Words in Writing



image of fellowShana Kwatampora

Writing: I am from...
Demonstration: I am from...



image of fellowSarah Lorntson

Writing: Agate Picking
Demonstration: Revising Personal Essays for Clarity and Style


image of fellowMarie McKeighan

Writing: Have a Willie Nice Day.....
Demonstration: Transferring a Critical Reading Approach to Promote Effective Paragraph Writing


image of fellowAngelina Momanyi

Writing: Machete
Purpose Statements to Recenter


image of fellowJonathan Nelson

Writing: Expired Candy
Demonstration: Thick and Thin: Asking Strong Research Questions

image of fellowAmanda Shopa

Writing: Round Trip from Atlanta to Tucson
The Link between Self and One's Teaching Philosophy


image of fellowStacy Swearingen

Writing: Learning to Listen
Demonstration: The Limits of Dialect in Characterization