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Merrily Wolters


Photo of reading at celebrationBreakfast with Dad

Relaxed Q and A
in a teal vinyl booth.
What was Dad thinking?
Love and words.

Hushed, focused discussion
with coffee refill interruptions.
Why did I treasure this time greatly?
Love and words.

Wisdom and advice
with breakfast on the side.

Do I live what I learned?
Love and words.


Summed Up By Dad
This poem is from Lake Tahoe Reunion, my digital story,
and the quote is from Dad’s travelogue email.

Five years of new life and near-death,
Distance binding our hearts’ wealth.
Together now—fresh vistas of pine,
New faces, new friends in a line.

We ate, rested, helped, and prayed.
We cooked, connected, walked, and played.
We sang, laughed, cried, and shared.
“The best part was that everyone was there.”


My Reading Places

I love to read
    perched by the moonlit window
    nestled under the sprawling tree
    hidden on the fresh air porch
in my own little world.



So tired, a respite I need.

Breeze blowing, grass growing—horizon.
Life gently pulls me along.
Ideas. . . float flip flounder. . . fly.
Improve. . . Dream. . . Try. . . .

The heart to teach arises.


Growing Tomatoes

Green leaves I untangle.
Earthy sweet scent dream. . .

Green globes. . . I wait.
Ruby juicy candy
I anticipate.