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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2013

Elisabeth CharboneauElisabeth Charboneau

Writing: The End of the World
Demonstration: Snapshots and Sensory Details (.pdf file)


Andrew CurrieAndrew Currie

Writing: My Grandfather’s Chisels
Demonstration: Staggering Sentences (.pdf file)



Merry Davin

Merry Davin

Writing: Confluence I; Untitled
Demonstration: Confluence: Using Metaphor to Deepen Understanding (.pdf file)



Teresa Fenske-FanucciTeresa Fenske‐Fanucci

Writing: Excerpts From My Journal…
Demonstration: A Day in the Life Of A Crayfish: Teaching Perspective and Point of View (.pdf file)



Audrey FrenchAudrey French

Writing: Commuting, Literally
Demonstration: Parallelism (.pdf file)



Alexandra HowesAlexandra Howes

Writing: ...nel tempo de li dèi falsi e bugiardi; Proprioception
Demonstration: Pre-Reading Strategies: Using Drama to Increase Literacy (.pdf file)



Emily MeislerEmily Meisler

Writing: Flash Fiction Sample
Demonstration: Getting Out of the Way: Facilitating Student-Centered Discussion (.pdf file)



Nathan MillerNathan Miller

Writing: Securing My Mask
Demonstration: Easing into Poetry: Thinking Poetically and Creating with Found Text (.pdf file)


Lisa MonsonLisa Monson

Writing: The Coffee Shop; The Journey
Demonstration: A Day With Abby Sunshine, A Sequencing Lesson (.pdf file)


Daniel Muro LaMereDaniel Muro LaMere

Writing: Sanford Florida Public Works; I AM FONG LEE
Demonstration: Argument Writing: Generating a Thesis (.pdf file)


Andrea NelsonAndrea Nelson

Writing: Lessons from My Son
Demonstration: Acting Inferences—Using Drama to Develop Inferring Skills (.pdf file)


Megan PetersonMegan Peterson

Writing: Never Again
Demonstration: Introduction to Poetry (.pdf file)


Abigail RombalskiAbigail Rombalski

Writing: Grandpa, Mandela, DeShawn, and Me: What’d You Learn in School Today?  
Demonstration: Paideia Seminar on Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” (.pdf file)



Nick RossNick Ross

Writing: Square Peg
Demonstration: Theme in Comic Strips (.pdf file)



Merrily WoltersMerrily Wolters

Writing: Breakfast with Dad; Summed Up By Dad; My Reading Places; Heartrise; Growing Tomatoes
Demonstration: “I See What You Mean”: Reading Response Through Sketching and
Writing (.pdf file)