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Demonstration topics: Reading Strategies

(Teaching demonstrations are in .pdf format.)

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teachingStaking Your Claim Sean Bailey, 2015

Writing as Pre-Reading: One Way to Find Meaning (and Joy) in Texts: Valuing the Primacy of Writing Linda O'Malley, 2015

For the Love of Language: Using Found Text to Create Poetry Jen Secor Nelson, 2015

Confluence: Using Metaphor to Deepen Understanding Merry Davin, 2013

Pre-Reading Strategies: Using Drama to Increase Literacy Alexandra Howes, 2013

Theme in Comic Strips Nick Ross, 2013

“I See What You Mean”: Reading Response Through Sketching and
Merrily Wolters, 2013

Flipping Your Classroom Stephen Kennedy, 2012

Poetry through the Class and Social Power Lens Sonja Olson, 2012

Pre-Reading Strategies Focusing on Probable Passages René Montgomery, 2011

Exploring Comics as a Literary Form for Reading & Writing Erin Moore, 2010

Poetry “Model” Lesson: Multiple Readings and Discussion to Support Deep Understanding Theresa Behnke, 2009

Dig a Little Deeper into Media Literacy: Writing to Think Stephanie Rollag, 2009

Using Multiple Intelligences in the AP Literature (or Any) English Classroom Tom Backen, 2008

Working with Difficult Texts Elizabeth Curran, 2008

Reading & Writing the Self: Social Worlds and Multicultural Literature Elisa Holm, 2008

Critical Response—A Metacognitive Tool to Support Deeper Understanding of Texts Judi Petkau, 2007

Bringing Literature Alive Using Night by Elie Weisel Kim Dallas, 2006

Evolution of Thought: Synthesis Lois Williams, 2005

The Whole Truth—Reflections on The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien Dawn Harrison Butler, 2005

Active Reading: Finding a Conversation Voice Jane Johnson, 2004

Scaffolding a Reading/Writing Lesson Jill McKenna, 2004

Strategies for Pre-reading, during Reading, & after Reading Deb Waage, 2004

Using “Four-Square” as a Student Tool to Organize Thoughts/Clarify Thinking Ann Steffens, 2004