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teacher teachingTeaching demonstrations

During the Invitational Summer Institute, participants present literacy lessons.  These lessons cover a multitude of techniques for using artwork, drawing, music, and model texts as forms of prewriting and writing to learn, as well as ideas for improving reading comprehension. These teaching demonstrations may be accessed through the invitational summer institute participants pages or through the demonstration topics index. See also these expanded demonstrations.

Other resources

30 ideas for teaching writing

The ideas shared in this booklet come from the classrooms of 32 National Writing Project teachers and are intended to help students become more proficient writers and take more pleasure in writing.

Podcasts: Breaking the Barriers of the 5-Paragraph Essay

MWP Teacher-Consultant Micki St. Sauver and MWP Director Emerita Muriel Thompson have an episode for their podcast Breaking the Barriers of the 5-Paragraph Essay called Organizing the 5 Paragraph Essay. The authors also invite you to join the conversation by posting to their blog M&M Writing Essentials K-12+."Check it out now!

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