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Demonstration topics: Genre

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Multi-genre Writing: The Writing Portfolio Assignment Jacqueline Arnold, 2011

Embodying Your Author and Finding Metaphorical Significance in a Vignette from Their Life Anthony Jacobs, 2011

“Envelope, Please” Ann Moeller, 2007

Evaluating Websites in the Research Process Jennifer Budenski, 2006

If You're Not... You Can't Know: Preparation for Writing Literary Non-fiction Mara Coyle, 2005

Synectics: Creative Metaphors Ericka Ableiter, 2005

Picture a Cave [Cause and Effect (9-12)] Elizabeth Hygrell, 2004

The Art of Creating a Character Using a Press Conference Anne Ceronsky, 2003

Creative Characterization Karyn Mickelson, 2003

Writing about What You Know How to Do or Make and Student Example Mike Flores, 2003

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! A Unit on Newspaper Writing Kari Sortum, 2002

Let Public Speaking Set the Tone Paul Schmitz, 2002

Memory Book Lu Curtis, 2002

Narrative Writing Marceille Myers, 2002

What Do You See? Anna Barker, 2002


Pre-Reading Strategies: Using Drama to Increase Literacy Alexandra Howes, 2013

Acting Inferences—Using Drama to Develop Inferring Skills Andrea Nelson, 2013

Collaborative Play Writing in the Middle School Communication Classroom Ann Thompson, 2007

Art of Imitation: Writing an Aristotelian Tragedy Alex Mueller, 2005


Describe a Room, Describe a Person Joanna Imm, 2015

A Day in the Life Of A Crayfish: Teaching Perspective and Point of View Teresa Fenske-Fanucci, 2013

The Night Walker Iris Hansson Myran, 2012

From Narrative to Poetry Carmen Barbone, 2011

Show Some Character! Kristin Gifford, 2011

Fiction Pre-writing: Thinking on Your Feet Jamie Crandall, 2010

Nine Square Your Story with the Plotline Karen Palmen, 2010

Sensory Imagery and the Hero Quest Gloria Webber, 2008

Character Development Justin Bonnett, 2007

Writing Your Heroic Quest Jen Waller McDevitt, 2005

Literary Analysis: The Group Essay Katie Carlin, 2003

Trek Across America [Historical Fiction] Jane Davin, 2003


For the Love of Language: Using Found Text to Create Poetry Jen Secor Nelson, 2015

Writing “Where I’m From” Poems Kristen Wilking, 2015

Easing into Poetry: Thinking Poetically and Creating with Found Text Nathan Miller, 2013

Introduction to Poetry Megan Peterson, 2013

Roadside Poetry Mindy Christianson, 2012

Paint Chip Poetry Rebekah Lund, 2012

Using Mentor Text (Love that Dog) as a Springboard into Poetry Kara Scheid, 2012

Using Models—Writing Poetry Jen Kohan, 2011

Where I’m From: Giving Voice to the Threads that Comprise the Fabric of Our Lives Maria Theissen, 2010

Pond Poetry; An Outdoor Observational Writing Lesson Pamela Doerr, 2008

Hip Hop, Slam, and Spoken Word in the Classroom Anne Schwalbe, 2008

Postcards: Making Poetry of Sense Elizabeth Boeser, 2007

Seeing Poems with Poets' Eyes Cathy Wegener, 2007

Small Poems Susan Benjamin, 2007

Writing with Native American Voice Jennifer Lundin, 2007

“I Am” Poem Vicky Hubert, 2006

Poetry Brainstorming Boxes (Places I Love or Hate) Karla Harding, 2006

Poetry through Non-fiction Lynn Macal, 2006

Using TP-CASTT to Unpack Poetry Kendrick Davies, 2006

Using Similes and Metaphors in Poetry Tanya Miller, 2005

“Where I'm From” Elizabeth Hillstrom, 2005

Writing the Blues John Albright, 2005

“Where I'm From” Scott Hall, 2004

Hearing the Poetry of Langston Hughes Through the Sounds of Jazz Kirsten Jamsen, 2004

Boundaries that Inspire: The Sestina Karen Noll, 2003

Everyone Can Write Poetry Amy Randall, 2003


Agree-Disagree Discussions Jimmy Dreese, 2015

JS-Story Map Creator: Using Online Tools to Create and Assess Student Learning Emily Foyt, 2015

Redefining the Literacy Narrative Rebecca Ney, 2015

Making the Small Moments Count Zua Vang-Kong, 2015

Argument Writing: Generating a Thesis Daniel Muro LaMere, 2013

Nonfiction-Text/Personal Description-Text of a Frog Grethe Viken-Moksnes, 2012

Silent Conversation Elisabeth Haen, 2012

Flipping Your Classroom Stephen Kennedy, 2012

Using Social Media to Debate the Reintroduction of Gray Wolves to Yellowstone National Park Patricia Corcoran, 2011

Writing the Prairie—Diction and Author Perspective Stephanie Lundorff, 2011

Chicken or Egg: How Do Our Childhood Experiences Determine Who We Are or Who We Will Become? Suzanne Myhre, 2009

Learning to Write Dialogue/Memoir Brainstorming Julia Shepherd, 2009

Beginning Argumentation through Class Discussion and Debate Diane Thayer-Peterson, 2008