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Demonstration topics: Writing Across the Content Areas

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teachingWriting in Social Studies: An Ojibwe Naming Project Mary Hall, 2015

“You Ought to Be in Pictures” Alison Humpal, 2015

Navajo Sand/Dry Painting Maureen Mahoney, 2015

Confluence: Using Metaphor to Deepen Understanding Merry Davin, 2013

Silent Conversation Elisabeth Haen, 2012

Design an Element Mini Book Project Angela Osuji, 2012

From Food to ... Kristin-Irene Sivertsen, 2012

Interdisciplinary Unit with Civics and ELL—Using Anticipatory Guides Leslie Geissler, 2011

Using Social Media to Debate the Reintroduction of Gray Wolves to
Yellowstone National Park
Patricia Corcoran, 2011

Prequel or Sequel: Looking at Art as a Moment in Time. Brenda Butler, 2009

Fossil Footprint Activity: Formulating Scientific Explanations Louise Glensoin, 2009

Writing For Justice (or, Mining Life and Notebooks for some Pretty Good Ideas, while Adding some New Stuff) Sean Fleming, 2008

Storytelling in the Math Classroom Barb Everhart, 2007

Writing in Math...That's Important! Laura Cochlin, 2006

In My Home: A Handmade House Book with Student Writing Elaine Johnson, 2005

ArtWords: Writing about Art, Then and Now Joann Toft, 2003

Writing in Math Class Margaret Warnermunde, 2003

Tech Writing in the Sewing Lab Jane Bernauer, 2002