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2019 Invitational Summer Institute

image of fellowBrittany Barker


Lesson Plan: Literacy Collaborative Model


image of fellowKelly Barrick

Writing: Steel

Lesson Plan: Setting Up a Writing Community in a Trauma-Informed Classroom

image of fellowPaul Glembocki

Writing: Nerves

Lesson Plan: Song Stories

image of fellowGaoly Her

Writing: My Grandma

Lesson Plan: Group-Based Learning in a Mathematics Classroom


image of fellowAdam Koehler

Writing: 3 poems

Lesson Plan: Designing Group Work for a Writing Classroom

image of fellowSarah Lauer


Lesson Plan: Reader’s Journey Maps/Literacy Maps


image of fellowJill Merkle

Writing: Because I Ride

Lesson Plan: Mini-debates: Should We Continue to Recognize Thomas Jefferson for His Contributions?

image of fellowJulie Pokaski

Writing: Immigrant Stories

Lesson Plan: Literati Poetry Party


image of fellowParis Timmons

Writing: A Letter to My Babies....

Lesson Plan: Paidea Seminar


image of fellowCasey Mags Treat

Writing: We are the Ones Who Can Save Us

Lesson Plan: Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

image of fellowVerna Wong


Lesson Plan: Teacher Sustainability: Using a Community Cultural Wealth Framework for Teachers of Color