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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2016

image of fellowMariam Adam

Writing: We Have A Crazy One
Demonstration: Ancient Civilizations (.pdf file)


image of fellowStephanie Duncomb

Writing: My First Students
Demonstration: Botany and Adjectives (.pdf file)


image of fellowKate Fullmer

Writing: Mostly
Demonstration: Position Paper (Is College Worth It) (.pdf file)


image of fellow

Mai Huynh

Writing: I'm the Only One that Can Save Them
Demonstration: The Best Part of Me (.pdf file)



image of fellowCarleen Matts-Behrends

Writing: The Story of Our Stories
Demonstration: Darkness and Light (.pdf file)



image of fellowDeanna Perchyshyn

Writing: Best Summer Ever
Demonstration: Prepositions of Place (.pdf file)



image of fellowEmily Porter

The Ocean of Tennessee Valley
Against Carven Stone
Demonstration: Universal vs. Relative Morality (.pdf file)


image of fellowSusie Springer

Writing: Fear
Demonstration: Personal Narratives (.pdf file)



Jasmine Tang

Writing: The Story of Your Name
Demonstration: Writing from Our Strengths (.pdf file)



image of fellowSuzanne Temple

Writing: S.O.S.
Demonstration: This I Believe Prewriting Lesson (.pdf file)


image of fellowMelissa Toft

Writing: Love and Life in Seven Stages
Demonstration: Poetry in Three Parts (.pdf file)


image of fellowErin Whitcraft

Writing: For Brian
Demonstration: 10 Quest Capstone: Imagined Book Trailer and Artist's Statement (.pdf file)


image of fellowTristi Wilson

Writing: A Quiet Walk
Demonstration: Public Service Announcements (on Behalf of Charity) PodCast (.pdf file)