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Invitational Summer Institute fellows in 2015

image of fellowSean Bailey

Writing: Look Both Ways
Demonstration: Staking Your Claim (.pdf file)


image of fellowJimmy Dreese

Writing: The Myth of the Aran Sweater
Demonstration: Agree-Disagree Discussions (.pdf file)


image of fellowEmily Foyt

Writing: Don't Call 9-1-1 and Other First Year Advice
Demonstration: JS-Story Map Creator: Using Online Tools to Create and Assess Student Learning (.pdf file)


image of fellow

Mary Hall

Writing:Adam and Amanda (Love Story, August 1st, 2015)
Demonstration: Writing in Social Studies: An Ojibwe Naming Project (.pdf file)



image of fellowAlison Humpal

Writing: First Snow
Demonstration: “You Ought to Be in Pictures” (.pdf file)



image of fellowJoanna Imm

Writing: Why I Run
Demonstration: Describe a Room, Describe a Person (.pdf file)



image of fellowMaureen Mahoney

Writing: The Cross In the Road
Demonstration: Navajo Sand/Dry Painting (.pdf file)



image of fellowRebecca Ney

Writing: The Doorframe
Demonstration: Redefining the Literacy Narrative (.pdf file)



image of fellowLinda O'Malley

Writing: Two or Three
Demonstration: Writing as Pre-Reading: One Way to Find Meaning (and Joy) in Texts:
Valuing the Primacy of Writing (.pdf file)



image of fellowKay Rosheim

Writing: The Gift of Life
Demonstration: Real-World Writing in the Classroom (.pdf file)


image of fellowJen Secor Nelson

Writing: “We’re a Musical Family”: The Burden of Idyllic Memories
Demonstration: For the Love of Language: Using Found Text to Create Poetry (.pdf file)


image of fellowZua Vang-Kong

Writing: Worth Preserving
Demonstration: Making the Small Moments Count (.pdf file)


image of fellowMolly Vasich

Writing: Shopping with Mom
Demonstration: PODCON: Adventures In Digital Literacy and Production (.pdf file)


image of fellowKristen Wilking

Writing: Two Classrooms
Demonstration: Writing “Where I’m From” Poems (.pdf file)