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Heidi Jones


Heidi Jones

where I’m from

I’m from marching in the Frank Lloyd Wright Days parade

from the sound of Big Wheels

slapping the gravel, cracking plastic

I am from fragrant lilacs that permeate

Breathing in

on the tree swing that slides

←B      A      C      K


F      O      R      T      H→

I am from blue-collars and car lovers

Auto technicians, grocery store clerks

T Y P E – S E T T E R S

Farmers →tractor seat makers →cheese makers,

Chucking 20 pound blocks every three seconds

Mozzarella for frozen pizzas, no thank you

I am from “please grab my pocketbook from the davenport, dear.

I’m going to be late for my permanent”


“Just because it’s prom night doesn’t mean it has to be PROM NIGHT”

I am from Artie and Clara, Merl and Diane,

from parents who wanted more for me;

and Here I go