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Chris Weyandt

© 2000

Below is a letter I composed for the parents of my new students this fall.

August 7, 2000

“You’re crazy!” my brother taunted after learning I had left teaching adults for 6th graders at MMSA. “Why would you trade mature, eager adults for rowdy adolescent students waiting for any opportunity to bust loose and destroy your peace of mind?”

“Yes,” I retorted, “they do have energy, and that’s exactly what I’m after.” I assured him that any energy properly channeled can lead to progress and discovery. “And besides,” I added, “they have incredibly active imaginations, know the value of serious play, and haven’t accumulated all of the inhibitions of adulthood. What else does one need?”

He left the conversation shaking his head in disbelief.

Well, I just wanted to jot a brief note introducing myself and to let you know I just finished an intensive, three-week seminar sponsored by the Minnesota Writing Project, where I met with several dedicated teachers from around the state to discuss the latest research and best classroom practices in the language arts. Get ready for a year of active engagement in learning. I plan to develop your child’s natural curiosities by recreating ancient civilizations and exploring exciting moments in world history.

I look forward to meeting you personally in the coming school year!

Mr. Weyandt

Chris Weyandt was a 2000 Selective fellow. He taught English at Metro State University, but he has switched career tracks: in fall of 2000 he began teaching 6th grade English and Social Studies. He enjoys percussion, studio arts, and bike riding at night. His claim to fame is that he endured (and actually enjoyed) four piano recitals at forty.