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The Minnesota Writing Project aims to improve K–college literacy in Minnesota. Housed within the Center for Writing at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, MWP is a local site of the National Writing Project, which "focuses the knowledge, expertise, and leadership of our nation's educators on sustained efforts to improve writing and learning for all learners."

MWP in the news

MWP teacher Molly Vasich's partnership with TruArt Speaks was featured in Educational Innovator. Click here for the article.

MWP and National Student Poet winner, Ben Lee, recently visited Fox 9 with Leah Beno.

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Showcasing MWP teachers

Our Teacher Showcase feature gives our recent ISI participants a chance to speak their mind about the teaching of writing and the need for quality professional development. Return often to read these profiles.

Jodi Baker
Grade you teach:
Elementary/Preservice teachers
School: on leave from Anoka-Hennepin/UMN
Summer Institute Writing:
Dad's Coins #1, Dad's Coins #2
Teaching Demonstration: Revision by Changing Point
of View

Reflections on teaching

How has your participation in the Summer Institute influenced your beliefs about the instruction of writing? It has solidified my thoughts about the absolute necessity of writing and student-centered writing instruction from teachers who are also writers. I also thought more deeply about writing as social action and the ways in which authentic writing pedagogy empowers students as change agents.

Describe one “take-away” from the Summer Institute that you plan to share with your colleagues or implement in your classroom. I plan to incorporate writing groups in my Language Arts Methods course for preservice teachers.

In what ways does writing positively impact your students? Students strengthen their own identities and increase their agency as thinkers, learners, and activists. Literacy development is not complete without writing–writing is thinking, writing is processing, writing is learning.

What do students need in your school to become better writers?

What is a resource on writing or the teaching of writing (book, article, website, other PD) that you would recommend (and why)?image of book
Relocating thePersonal: A Critical Writing Pedagogy by Barbara Kamler because it challenges popular ideas about teaching process writing to "find voice." I am still considering her ideas months after reading it.



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MWP video: Teachers Celebrate MWP’s Invitational Summer Institute

From our first institute in 1991 to 2016, teachers share their experiences of participating.  Enjoy this short video featuring several teachers identifying the impact the institute has had on their personal and professional lives.   

Ann Thompson, Producer
Charlie McCarron, Videographer

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Stephanie Rollag Yoon, Director

The Minnesota Writing Project is funded in part by the Center for Writing, the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, and the National Writing Project.

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