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Grant recipients

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Recent recipients


Anti-racist Academic Agency within an Affinity-based Gaming Context: GooseChase as a Locale for Collaboration and Community
Wendy Anderson, Communication Studies

From interruption to love: Multimodal writing toward racial literacy
Abby Rombalski, Curriculum & Instruction


Deepening engagement: Creative activities for adolescents hospitalized in an acute-care setting
Yuko Taniguchi, Writing, UMN–Rochester


Teacher Conceptualizations and Implementation of Genre-Based Writing Pedagogy
Kate Paesani, Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

Exploring Relevant Writing Instruction for Asian International Students: The Case of Korean International Students
Jungyeol Park and Vichet Chhuon, Curriculum & Instruction


Developing the Linguistic Features of Academic Writing in Spanish
Mandy R. Menke, Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Agile Writing Project: Exploring writing-to-learn in teams
Joe Moses and Jason Tham, Writing Studies
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Earlier recipients

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