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WID grant recipients have shared their findings locally, nationally, and internationally. Below are just some of the publications, resources, and materials resulting from WID grant–supported research. For more, see our list of earlier recipients.


Godfrey, L., Treacy, C., & Tarone, E. (2014). Change in French second language writing in study abroad and domestic contexts. Foreign Language Annals 47(1), 48–65.
(abstract | pdf)

Horning, M.L., Schneider, R., Beacham, B., McKechnie, A.C., Kirk, L., Emery, D., & Lindquist, R. (2019, September 5). Appreciation of the research–practice link: Authentic learning environments for writing-intensive nursing courses. Nursing Education Perspectives. doi: 10.1097/01.NEP.0000000000000568

Pittenger, A., and Olson-Kellogg, B. (2012). “Leveraging Learning Technologies for Collaborative Writing in an Online Pharmacotherapy Course.” Distance Education 33(1), 61–80.
(abstract | pdf)

Rollag Yoon, S., & Stutelberg, E. (2018). Rose's writing: The generative power of affect in a high school writing center. WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, 42(9–10), 18–25.

Sharkey, L. (2007). The evolution of a course in veterinary clinical pathology: The application of case-based writing assignments to focus on skill development and facilitation of learning.” The Journal of Veterinary Medicine Education Online 34(3), 423–30. (pdf)

Werry, M., & Walseth, S.L. (2011). Articulate bodies: Writing instruction in a performance-based curriculum.” Theatre Topics 21(2), 185–197.

Zambreno, K., Hoover, E., Anderson, N., & Gillman, J. (2004). Writing across the curriculum: Where does horticultural science fit in? HortTechnology 14(4), 621–624.
(abstract | pdf)


Resources & materials

Writing in Computer Science wiki2010 WID (then ISW) grant recipients Dan Keefe and David Schroeder (Computer Science) developed a "writing in computer science" wiki as part of their funded project, “Integrating Writing and Computer Graphics to Improve Technical Communication Across Disciplines.” Visit the wiki and contribute content at Writing in Computer Science. Dan and David also presented at the 2011 ISW Research Colloquium and have generously shared their presentation slides.



Articulate Bodies Closing SlideIn addition to publishing their findings, 2010 WID (then ISW) grant recipients Stephanie Lein Walseth and Margaret Werry (Theatre Arts & Dance) presented their work at the 2011 ISW Research Colloquium. They have generously shared their presentation slides here.