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The interdisciplinary graduate minor in Literacy and Rhetorical Studies sponsors a Speaker Series to engage the University community in rich discussions about the uses of language, reading, and writing. Please see the Past Speaker Series page for earlier presentations.


2017 Speaker Series

The LRS Graduate Minor is pleased to be a co-sponsor for an event presented by the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Group:

Insult/Internal Debate/Protest

with Dr. Dylan Rodríguez (Professor, Ethnic Studies, University of California, Riverside)

Thursday, April 6, 2017
2:00–4:00 pm
140 Nolte, East Bank

Dr. Rodríguez describes his talk as follows:

We are here to consider the work of reconceptualizing fascism in the post-civil rights era—which is another way of saying that we are wondering what has happened, what is happening, how much of it is new or old, whether all of it requires a different or new calculus of casualties, and what the terms and tactics of insurgency, revolt, and collective-creative-radical genius might be. I offer that one point of departure might be to move decisively against or beyond the notion of a “post-civil rights era,” by suggesting that this ongoing half century is a time of White Reconstruction.

The nominal abolition of United States apartheid has been followed by more than half a century of proliferating, innovative, and sometimes authentically new regimes of gendered racial domination and state sanctioned racist violence. Against all apparent and sometimes spectacular evidence of its absurdity, there is a resilient narrative of national racial progress, characterized by the insult of an insistence.

This lecture is based on the manuscript of a short book tentatively titled White Reconstruction: A Narrative. It offers a speculative meditation that departs from the overlapping histories of collective genius that mark the creative insurgencies of peoples struggling against the violences of gendered racial and colonial power.

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