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Past Literacy & Rhetorical Studies speakers


David Charles Gore
Catastrophe and Political Mourning in the Book of Mormon, co-sponsored by the Religious Studies Program
various speakers

Reparations, Repatriation, and Redress presented by the RIGS (Race, Indigeneity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) Initiative at the University of Minnesota
various speakers
BreakOut: Voices from the Inside, presented by PEN America, Poetry Asylum, and the Weisman Art Museum
Grace Kyungwon Hong
Virtual Violence: Refusing Redress in Gina Kim’s “Bloodless/Dongducheon"
Dylan Rodriguez
Insult/Internal Debate/Protest
speaker 2016
Carolyn R. Miller

Memoir, Blog, and Selfie: Genres of Self-Representation
speaker 2014
Beth Bouloukos
From Proposal to Bookshelves: Survival Guide to Manuscript Publishing in the Humanities
photo of catherine prendergast 2011
Catherine Prendergast
What Do We Think the Book is Now? 2000 Students Weigh In: A Presentation
Bruce Horner 2010
Bruce Horner
Writing English in Translation: ELF, World Englishes, and Diversalité
John Duffy 2010
John Duffy & others
hmong literacies: a two-day lrs speaker series
Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch 2007
Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Chris Anson

Thom Swiss
Engaging Students in Digital Writing

Visit the Digital Writing wiki, which is designed to support the speakers' book Teaching Writing Using Blogs, Wikis, and Other Digital Tools
Chris Anson
Thom Swiss
Salman Rushdie 2006
“Step Across This Line”
james fallows 2004
James Fallows
Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow: After the 2004 Elections
jodi o'brien 2004
Jodi O'Brien
Sexual Silence and Shame and Good Ol' American Values
patricia bizzell 2003
Patricia Bizzell
Future Directions for Rhetorical Traditions
susan love 2003
Dr. Susan Love
Good Writing = Strong Medicine: Dr. Susan Love's Rhetorical Prescriptions for Better Health
deborah brandt 2003
Deborah Brandt
Reading, Writing, Wealth, and the New Economy
daryl baldwin 2002
Daryl Baldwin
The Miami Language: Reclamation at Ground Zero
image for chris ware 2002
Chris Ware &

Ira Glass
Glass/Ware: New Media for Writing American Lives
image for ira glass
rubin carter 2001
Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
New Literacies for a New Millenium: Forging University/Community Partnerships
janice radway 2001
Janice Radway
Girls, Zines, and the Miscellaneous Production of Subjectivity in an Age of Unceasing Circulation
bernadette longo 2000
Bernadette Longo
Giant Brains Controlling Scientific Knowledge: History (in Progress) of Human-Computer Relationship
susan miller 2000
Susan Miller
The History, A History, and Liminal Spaces: Common Books in Three Keys
ray suarez 2000
Ray Suarez
The Talking 21st Century: Public Discourse and the Written Word in an Accelerating World
david hall 1999
David Hall
The Old and the New: Literacy and Reading in Eighteenth- Century America
toby fulwiler 1999
Toby Fulwiler
Teaching Writing as a Liberal Art: Ideas that Made the Difference
min-zhan lu 1999
Min-Zhan Lu
The Politics of Critical Affirmation
ed schiappa 1998
Edward Schiappa
Constructing Reality through Definitions: The Politics of Meaning
lester faigley 1998
Lester Faigley
Visual Rhetoric: Literacy by Design
carol berkenkotter 1997
Carol Berkenkotter
Settings and the Institutional Organization of Language
kathleen yancey 1997
Kathleen Yancey
Discourses, Rhetorics, Selves: Writing Assessment in the Academy
susan miller 1996
Susan Miller
The Cultural Work of Local Authorship: Political Rhetorics of Expression
susan mcleod 1996
Susan McLeod
Whither WAC? Reflections on the Silver Anniversary of Writing Across the Curriculum
geneva smitherman 1995
Geneva Smitherman
African American English: From the Hood to the Amen Corner
charles bazerman 1994
Charles Bazerman
Students Being Disciplined: Getting Confused, Getting By, Getting Rewarded, Getting Smart, Getting Real
art young Art Young The Wonder of Writing Across the Curriculum
andrea lunsford 1992
Andrea Lunsford
Literacy, Intellectual Property, and the Status Quo: Scenes for Writing in the Academy
jacqueline jones royster 1991
Jacqueline Jones Royster
Diversity and Writing: Dialogue Within a Modern University