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Center for Writing alumni—Sarah Heuser

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11 Questions for Center for Writing Alums

  • Sarah HeuserYour name: Sarah Heuser
  • Your email:
  • When did you work with us?  I worked for one year as an undergrad (Student Writing Center) and four years in grad school (Center for Writing)
  • What were your role(s)?

    writing consultant
    front desk/computer lab attendant
    teaching/research assistant
    TA Coordinator

  • What education and/or occupation(s) have you pursued since working with us? I received my Master’s in Social Work and have been doing clinical social work in mental health at the VA

Reflections on your center experience:

  • Did your work with us influence your educational or occupational choices? If so, how? No
  • What are the most significant abilities, values, or skills that you developed in your work with us? The strong reminder to help people write/express themselves the best they can for what they want to say, not what we want them to say
  • In your personal and professional life today, how do you find yourself using what you learned from working with us? I teach a few writing/journaling/narrative type interventions for mental health recovery and use the skill mentioned above all the time
  • Anything else you want to tell us and your fellow Center alums? I think the culture at the Center for Writing was amazingly supportive and friendly. It was more than just my job in grad school, it was my social network, and where I started raising my daughter. I am grateful that I was a part of it.