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Center for Writing alumni—Katie Brown

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11 Questions for Center for Writing Alums

  • Katie BrownYour name: Katie Brown
  • Your email:
  • When did you work with us? 2002 to 2003 
  • What was your role? writing consultant
  • What education and/or occupation(s) have you pursued since working with us? I spent five years as an event planner at a major non-profit organization in New York. I left the position to pursue a master's degree in Adolescent English Education and taught both high school and middle school in high-needs NYC public schools. Recently, I have started a freelance writing career.

Reflections on your center experience:

  • Did your work with us influence your educational or occupational choices? If so, how?  It most certainly did! My experiences working at the writing center were a driving force behind my decision to enter the teaching profession, and I couldn't be happier.
  • What are the most significant abilities, values, or skills that you developed in your work with us? Working with students one-on-one, particularly being able to offer constructive yet positive criticism. The ability to reflect thoughtfully and truthfully on my work has also been crucial in every job I have ever had.
  • In your personal and professional life today, how do you find yourself using what you learned from working with us?   I, obviously, use many of the conferencing techniques every day as an English teacher. I also have found the collaborative skills we developed important when working with challenging colleagues.
  • Anything else you want to tell us and your fellow Center alums?  Working at the writing center was one of the most rewarding and lasting work experiences I had. It's such a great resource for college students. I always tell my students (as well as my freelance writing clients!) to take advantage of campus writing centers whenever possible!
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