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Center for Writing alumni—Juan Diego Fernandez

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11 Questions for Center for Writing Alums

  • Your name: Juan Diego Fernandez
  • Your email:
  • When did you work with us? 2011-2013
  • What was your role? writing consultant, front desk/computer lab attendant
  • What education and/or occupation(s) have you pursued since working with us? Graduated from U of M as BS in biology, finished medical school and obtained MD degree, currently completing neurology residency in Bethesda, MD.

Reflections on your center experience

  • Did your work with us influence your educational or occupational choices? If so, how? Yes. Writing is an integral part of my career. With my experience at the C4W, I was able to become a better writer myself.
  • What are the most significant abilities, values, or skills that you developed in your work with us? In depth grammar knowledge. Ability to see beyond grammar and sentence structure to understand the message and audience of another writer.
  • In your personal and professional life today, how do you find yourself using what you learned from working with us? Still using Google to look up use of words in common English.
  • Anything else you want to tell us and your fellow Center alums? I really enjoyed my time working at the C4W. Very educational including the wonderful course for undergrad consultants with Kirsten Jamsen.