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Center for Writing alumni—Amy Durmaskin

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11 Questions for Center for Writing Alums

  • Your name: Amy Durmaskin
  • Your email:
  • When did you work with us?  I worked in Student Writing Support from Fall 2010 to Spring 2012.
  • What was your role? writing consultant, front desk/computer lab attendant
  • What education and/or occupation(s) have you pursued since working with us? Teach for America teacher

Reflections on your center experience:

  • Did your work with us influence your educational or occupational choices? If so, how?  My work with the writing center has been one of the most influential experiences in bringing me to decide to become a part of Teach for America. My research project in the writing course provided through the C4W turned into a passion for working with urban education and curriculum development. Learning how meaningful working with students to meet their individual learning needs and bridge gaps in confidence and collaboratively learning together is a philosophy I bring with me every day to work as I think about the needs of each of my students. Currently, I develop curriculum at the school where I teach, and I have more than once thought about how the writing center pedagogy that I saw work so well could be transformational in my work as a teacher.
  • What are the most significant abilities, values, or skills that you developed in your work with us? I think the ability to listen to the needs of writers (and now students) and to value each person's strengths are the most important skills that I gained working at the writing center. Also, I learned how valuable understanding the amazing talents of my peers can be in both serving students and in strengthening my own skills.
  • In your personal and professional life today, how do you find yourself using what you learned from working with us? I find myself using what I learned at SWS all the time! My school is currently working on revising their writing curriculum, and I love being able to provide feedback on what I have seen be successful in the writing center at a college level and thinking how we could incorporate that on an elementary school level. From conferencing in writing with my students to working collaboratively with my school team, I use what I learned every day and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.
  • Anything else you want to tell us and your fellow Center alums? I miss you all and I hope you are all doing well!