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Peer response workshop details

Evaluating thesis


Thesis: How do you know a good one when you see it?

It is 


Not obvious

Has appropriate scope


Sample items for peer response guidelines



  • Underline what you take to be the thesis idea or “center of gravity.” Why do you think the author chose to put it there? 
  • In the margins, note with (+) signs, ideas that you would like to have heard more about. What did you want to know?
  • Where, if at all, did the writer detail information that might be already familiar to the reader?
  • What might be the most successful aspect of this piece? Least successful? 



  • In the margins, label all supporting arguments with “SA” and counter-arguments with “CA.”  Reading from the vantage point of an unconvinced reader, which of the counterarguments strikes you as the most potent?
  • What is the tone of this proposal? Given chosen funding source, identify possible inconsistencies.
  • To what extent does this report conform to the format mandated by the target journal?
  • Is this summary written from writer-centered or reader-centered vantage point?
  • Does the argument emphasize a claim of fact or value?  Evidence?


Student release form


 I _________________________ give __________________________

           print name                                                          instructor name


permission to photocopy and use the below indicated papers for teaching purposes.  I do so with the understanding that my name and any other identifying information will be deleted. 


response to essay (1st portfolio)

ethnography proposal

ethnography shortpapers

argumentation essay

hypothetical dialogue (3rd portfolio)

writer’s portfolio process/progress summary and/or annotations


 _________________________________ __________________________          

signature                                                                                date                                                    





In your peer groups…

 Take no more than three minutes to address these two questions:


1. What, with regard to written or discussed comments, was effective in helping you to put your final draft together?



2.  What got in the way?