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On writing in Sociology (for use in syllabi)

Sociologists ask and answer questions about the interactions of individuals and groups with a society and use writing both as an aid to their own research and thinking and as a means of communicating and legitimizing their findings.  Writing in sociology presents complex ideas clearly in an unbiased, analytical fashion. Writing in sociology is often built around a thesis about a social phenomenon and uses logical arguments and concrete evidence for support.  Sociology writers must demonstrate an understanding of key concepts, theories, and terminology in their writing.

Sample syllabi in Sociology

Sociology 3411W | Understanding Formal Organizations
in-class exercises, two 3-4 page papers, field notes, and a formal 10-12 page paper.

Sample assignments in Sociology

Sociology 3301 | Short Paper Assignment #1: "Who Rules America?” Reflection Paper
A 1-page structured response to an assigned reading.

Sociology 3301 | Short Paper Assignment #2: Power in Movement Reflection Paper
A 1-page response to an assignmed reading focused on a question

Sociology 3301 |Preliminary Research Assignment 1
2-page paper summarizing research on an organization

Sociology 3301 | Preliminary Research Assignment 2
2-page paper designed to narrow the final paper topic

Sociology 3301 | Final Research Paper Assignment
6-page paper expanding students' research and discussion using an organizational case study

Sociology 3452 | Service-Learning Weekly Reflection Papers
Weekly short assignments to reflect on service-learning activities

Sociology 3954 | Interview and Essay Assignment
2- to 3-page paper describing and analyzing a personal interview

Sociology 3954 | Final EssayTopics
6- to 8-page essay developing an argument using course materials

Research strategies in Sociology

Selected Resources for Sociolgy (general aspects)

LUMINA'S Social Science Data Services Page

The Internet Public Library, Sociology (IPL)

Open Directory Project, Sociology (DMOZ)

Additional writing resources for instructors in Sociology

Writing For Sociology (UC Berkeley)

Library Services for Faculty