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Political Science

On writing in Political Science (for use in syllabi)

Writing is a crucial means by which political scientists engage with and investigate political events, conditions, and institutions. Political scientists rigorously study human behavior to understand how people shape and are shaped by political systems as well as to develop persuasive theories about how the world of politics works.  To meet these ends, students may write in a variety of forms, including position papers, article critiques, book reviews, case studies, policy briefs, and both traditional and empirical research papers.  Effective writing in political science is characterized by logical analysis, argument, persuasion, clarity and a confident tone.

Sample syllabi in Political Science

Political Science 371 | Political Design and Futuristics
Four brief papers, a group presentation, and a final report (University of Hawaii - Mānoa)

Sample assignments in Political Science

Political Science 3835 | Four Memos
3-4 page memos positioning students as research consultants with detailed projects

Political Science 3835 | 3835 Final Paper
12-15 page research paper with peer response and revision

Political Science 4867 | Rolling Papers #1 and #2
5-6 or 9-10 page papers requiring synthesis of readings

Sample responding activity in Political Science

Political Science 3835 | Peer Response Form
Rubric for students to use with peers' papers

Research strategies for Political Science

Selected Resources for Political Science (General Aspects)

The Internet Public Library, Political Science (IPL)

Open Directory Project, Political Sciences (DMOZ)

Additional writing resources for instructors in Political Science

Writing in Political Science (Duke U.)

Library Services for Faculty

Additional writing resources for students in Political Science

Help Sheets and Writing Tips for Political Science Students (Northern Illinois University)

How to Research a Political Science Paper (Queens College)

The Importance of Writing in Poltical Science (George Mason University)

Some Notes on Writing Political Theory (University of Michigan)

Writing a Political Science Essay (Georgetown University)