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On writing in Economics (for use in syllabi)

Economists write in several genres: scholarly papers (empirical, theoretical, and historical), survey articles and literature reviews, handbook and encyclopedia entries, book reviews and review essays, popular economic books for general audiences, and op-ed columns. Their arguments typically use certain kinds of evidence (economic assumptions, concepts, and theories; quantitative data; econometrics; and economic modeling) in order to study how people choose to use resources, focusing on labor, land, and investments; money, income, and production; and taxes and government expenditures. Although the behavior of individuals is important, economists also address the collective behavior of businesses and industries, governments and countries, and the globe as a whole.

Sample syllabus in Economics

Economics 200 | Economic Life
Research paper (Wright State University)

Economics 4431W | International Trade
Short assignments leading to a formal paper

Eample assignments in Economics

Economics 1102 | Writing Assignment
1-2 page application of historic concepts of wealth

Economics 4431W | Economic Analysis
10-15 page formal report involving multiple sequenced assignments and specific guidelines

Economics (Consumer Science) | Collaborative Term Project in Consumer Science
Written and oral reports

Sample grading grid in Economics

Economics 200 | Grading Criteria
Rubric for research paper within syllabus (Wright State University)

Research strategies in Economics

Selected Resources for Economics (general aspects) (University of Minnesota Libraries)

Social Science Data Services (University of Minnesota Libraries)

BUBL Link/5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources (BUBL)

The Internet Public Library, Economics (IPL)

Open Directory Project, Economics (DMOZ)

Additional writing resources for instructors in Economics

Library Services for Faculty (University of Minnesota Libraries)