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End-of-semester feedback: operating instructions*

When distributing the feedback form to your class…

  • Leave time at the end of a final class session for students to fill this form out (you might even let them know that it is coming a session in advance so that they can be thinking about what they want to tell you). Provide pencils if possible.
  • Ask for a student volunteer who can collect the forms in a folder or envelope to put into your mailbox or bring to your office.
  • Let students know that you sincerely hope that they will be candid in their responses.

When considering your tabulated results…

  • If 20% or more of students responded negatively to an item, you are going to want to address their concerns before you teach this course again. You may want to ask a colleague in the department, a consultant from the Center for Writing, or a consultant from the Center for Teaching and Learning to discuss the results with you and help you identify options for making changes.
  • It is quite common for there to be some contradictory feedback (for example, some
    students indicate that they feel your grading criteria are absolutely clear while others say that they absolutely disagree with this). These contradictions may indicate that your strategies are particularly effective for students with one learning style but are not very effective for a different learning style. You might consider asking the students to discuss their specific ideas—perhaps asking them to respond in writing to questions like "The instructor's grading criteria are clearest when...,” or "The instructor's grading criteria are least clear when...." Prompt students to be as explicit as possible.

* Adapted from the University of Minnesota, Center for Teaching and Learning Services’ TA/TA Supervisor Handbook (no longer online).

Check out the End-of-Semester Feedback Form (.pdf).