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Teaching with Writing tips

The goal of our monthly Teaching with Writing Tips is to offer timely and pragmatic support to faculty members and instructors who teach with writing in undergraduate and graduate courses in all disciplinary areas.

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Latest Tips

Is Grammar Correction Worth the Effort? Strategies for written corrective feedback February 2019

All the Help We Can Get: How instructors can work with Student Writing Support January 2019

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Assignments & course materials

Now and then: Using writing to reflect on and transfer learning December 2018

All together now: Assigning and supporting team-based writing October 2018

The write situation: Suggestions on assignment clarity and timing September 2017

The write stuff: Supporting student writing & learning in your syllabus & assignments August 2017

Word counts: Asking students to say more and less January 2017

Guiding literature reviews: Teaching writing through reading, part II November 2016

The roles of writing in a promising syllabus August 2016

Applying for the Writing Intensive designation March 2016

Early semester writing assignments January 2016

Writing activities and technology July 2015

Writing to prepare for oral presentations April 2015

Creating and using formative writing assignments January 2015

Explain the relevance of writing assignments in your syllabus August 2014

Reflective writing for metacognition and synthesis December 2013

Preventing plagiarism October 2013

Assigning revision memos April 2013

Devising clear writing assignments January 2013


Teaching strategies

Let's Talk: Using discussion to support student writing September 2018

Prewriting activities and students' writing processes February 2018

Writing with sources: Forwarding as a metaphor for textual activity January 2018

A Triple crown tool: Thesis workshops November 2017

Revision strategies: Reverse outlining April 2017

Increasing student motivation with writing assignments March 2017

Student conferences: Discussing writing one-on-one February 2017

Teaching writing through reading, part I October 2016

Using meta-teaching strategies to support student writing September 2016

Documentation: Consistency or correctness? February 2016

Helping students to improve cohesion December 2015

Peer response workshops for team writing November 2015

Improving reading with writing October 2015

Starting the semester with writing September 2015

Ways to discuss writing in your syllabus August 2015

Writing and course design June 2015

Teaching writing with statistical information May 2015

Teaching student writers to build effective tables, charts, and figures March 2015

Teaching source use December 2014

Motivating student writing in the disciplines October 2014

Explain the relevance of writing assignments in your syllabus August 2014

Planning for a multi-section course with multiple teaching assistants June 2014

Teaching academic citation practices in U.S. higher educational contexts April 2014

Clarify instructor expectations with annotated student writing samples March 2014

Quick, effective writing instruction September 2013

Planning to teach with writing August 2013


Responding to student writing

And all for one: Assessing team-based writing November 2018

Dealing with sentence-level errors: The value of distinguishing error types March 2018

Comments on work in progress: Smooth sailing with rough drafts April 2018

Encouraging effective proofreading May 2016

Getting students to address feedback November 2014

Arranging virtual peer response January 2014

Responding for revision November 2013

Prioritizing responses to student writing February 2013


Grading student writing

Summative feedback on writing: What matters at the end of the term? May 2018

Down the stretch: Supporting student writing in the final weeks of the semester December 2017

Grading writing: Six suggestions October 2017

Revising writing rubrics: Two options April 2016

Backward design for grading rubrics February 2014

Grading end-of-semester papers/projects May 2013


Getting feedback

Taking stock: Using student feedback and writing to support future teaching & learning December 2016

Ask students for end-of-the-semester feedback May 2014

Ask students for mid-semester feedback March 2013


Discipline-specific resources

The links below lead to sample writing-intensive syllabi, writing assignments, and grading schemes, as well as links to relevant local and national resources on writing. We welcome your contributions and feedback as we continue to develop resources:

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Physical Sciences




Political Science



General disciplinary resources for teaching with writing

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Writing Across the Curriculum resources

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The WAC Clearinghouse

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The WAC Journal

The Citation Project


The Writing Instructor


Center for Writing library

The Center for Writing houses a collection of texts and journals on higher education pedagogy and research, K-12 pedagogy and research, writing center pedagogy and research, Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines (WAC/WID), digital literacy, and literacy studies. These resources are available for limited check-out or use within our offices. View our collection online.

Front desk staff in 15 Nicholson Hall will be able to help you access materials from the Center for Writing library.