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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Group J

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Donna Clark, leader
Amelia Upton, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8
Maddy Wetzel, Ramsey Junior High 
Stazee Kostohris, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8
Lucinda West, Murray Junior High
DeJuan Curtis, Humboldt Senior High


My Sanctuary
By Amelia Upton
Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8

Outside it rains
Inside it is dray and warm
I cook fish over a blazing fire
I feel safe inside

drawing of Northern hawk-owlAs night falls, it is still raining
I curl up in a spot that is warm on the rocky floor
I curl up in a hand-woven blanket
Feeling safe, feeling warm

The sun comes up and I step outside
The sun beating down on me
The grass is wet beneath my bare feet
I look back in my cave, the sun lighting up the interior

There is a pile of ashes
The smell of smoke in the air
I bask in the sun
Feeling glad, feeling warm

This is my sanctuary

Author’s Statement:
I love poems and art. I also like giving a home a cozy feeling.

drawing of bird on plantLittle Time
By Maddy Wetzel
Ramsey Junior High 

We lay on the
Itchy sand
The sun beating
Down on our red
Crests, hoping
Night won’t fall
The waves rush
To the shore
And whisper a
Secret to the rocks
Excited screams
Fill the air
As fish
Swims teasingly by
So much to do
In so little time.

Author’s Statement:
I am almost thirteen years old and I spend the majority of my time doing gymnastics.   


drawing of mooseThe Sustainable Planet
By Stazee Kostohris
Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8

Trees are here for monkeys
Who screech and howl at night
Much like an owl hoots
Until the morning light

Humans are here in houses
Of all sizes, big and small
Just like the mice
Which scurry down the hall

moose imageJungles are majestical places
With a bunch of different faces
Hyenas laugh all day long
And hippopotamuses are strong

Trees are here for monkeys
Who screech and howl at night
We were all put on this planet
To see the morning light.

Author’s Statement:
I am a twelve-year-old girl who  lives in St. Paul. In my spare time, I like to ride my bike or scooter and just hang out with friends.

By Lucinda West
Murray Junior High

You walk from diorama to diorama
Scenes forever frozen behind the glass
Their eyes stare at you –
You stare back
You study their unmoving form
They pose as if alive
Forever unmoving
They seem ready to dart at any moment
But they just stare
It becomes awkward
And you try to escape their glare
They seem to pose a question
One which you cannot answer.

Author’s Statement:
I like science and art, and I also like to read.


Future of Belleus
By Kao Lee Xiong
Ramsey Junior High

There once was a girl named Belleus. She loved to draw and paint. One day, Belleus went to the Bell Museum of Natural History. She was looking at dioramas of sustainable shelters. Suddenly she had an urge to paint.

Belleus started painting a picture of a beaver den with beavers outside the dam. She painted for hours and hours. When she was done, she had more than 50 paintings. Belleus had painted almost every diorama. She was so proud of herself.

Belleus took all of the paintings home. She thought that she had been painting too much, but when she looked at the paintings again, she knew she wasn’t imagining it. Belleus looked through the paintings, each one at a time. She was amazed by what she saw.

In the beaver painting, one beaver was cutting a tree for the dam. Another was sticking sticks into the dam with mud. They used mud so that it would stick together for a long time. In a storm, the dam wouldn’t come apart. The beavers were making sustainable shelters for their families.

As Belleus looked upon the paintings, she saw all of the animals were making sustainable shelters. There were so many different types and kinds. There was the eagle’s nest high up on a cliff, placed high in the sky so predators wouldn’t be able to eat their eggs or their little babies. There also was the burrowing owl’s burrow. The owls burrowed so that predators and humans wouldn’t be able to take their baby owls. Because they eat insects, they were also able to get their food from the ground in the shelter. The paintings were filled with many more shelters.

Belleus didn’t know what to do. She was stunned. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She didn’t know what to do with the paintings. Then she had an idea.

“Belleus, your paintings are beautiful,” said her mother as she came inside Belleus’ painting gallery room.

“Thanks, Mom. I drew them at the museum. They were so beautiful, I just had to put them up,” said Belleus.

Belleus winked at the drawings. They once again came alive. When Belleus’ mom turned around to look at the paintings, they were not alive. The only came to life when Belleus was looking.

When others came to Belleus’ house, they loved her paintings. She was very glad she had gone to the museum the day that she did. She couldn’t stop wondering about how the paintings came to life, but she came to the conclusion that it was meant to be and that she wasn’t supposed to know.

“That’s it class. That’s the end of the story,” said Ms. Beum. Her class was at the Bell Museum of Natural History. They were there on a field trip for ideas on how to write a story.

“Ms. Beum, is that story true?” asked one of her students.

“What do you think?” asked Ms. Beum.

“I think it is true, but I don’t know why,” said the student.

“Belleus, hurry up,” yelled the student’s friend.

“Hurry along, Belleus. Be careful and you might want to  look at the dioramas,” said Ms. Beum.

“Ok, I will, Ms. Beum,” said Belleus. As she looked at the dioramas, the animals came to life and winked at her.

Author’s Statement:
In this story, I used my own experience of my field trip to the Bell Museum of Natural History. I was inspired to write this story when I saw this one guy drawing a picture of the diorama of the beaver’s dam, the one I described in the story.

My Experience
By DeJuan Curtis
Humboldt Senior High

Day 1
Going around the museum makes me remember when my autie brought me here and I had a very good time. This is my third time being at the Bell and now I’m looking at the beavers. One is chopping down some wood; one is eating, and the others are just sitting and watching.

The coolest animals I’ve seen are the bears and the wolves. The reason I like the bears is because they are unique animals. They like eating fish, seeds, ants and other stuff. The wolves are unique animals too because, because they always run in packs. They also have ranks, like the big wolf is called the alpha male, then the next in line is just called the alpha. They like eating meat such as fish and birds.

Day 2
Today I went somewhere new – the Icon House. It’s built to reduce energy and instead of regular walls, it has solar panel walls and solar thermal walls and they are everywhere. To heat up the Icon House, there are little tubes that blow in hot air. This visit reminds me of a time when auntie told me that people shouldn’t buy big houses for a small family because if you buy a big house, it takes a lot of energy to run it.

Author’s Statement:
My name is DeJuan Curtis and I like to play sports and video games.