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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Group I

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Lisa Vogel, leader
Jocelyn Draughn, Murray Junior High
DeAnthony Hamilton, Humboldt Junior High
Luke Westawker, Ramsey Junior High
Maurice Fields, Murray Junior High
Olivia Nofzinger, Murray Junior High
Damon Bartosch, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8


I Am
By Jocelyn Draughn
Murray Junior High

I am the tiles above your head
Holding strong, blocking out wind and rain.
I am the wall that holds up the tiles and
Contains secrets shared between my corners.
I am the everlasting floor on which you
Stand, keeping you steady and balanced.
I am the warm house
To which you come home.
I am the inspiration of a family with a
Foundation indescribable.
I am a sustainable shelter.
I am the picture your eyes look to
When reading my story.
I am your surroundings,
The things that go unnoticed around you –
Little but obvious.

Author’s Statement:
Hello to all of you who took the time to read my poem. Writing is my life, not a hobby, and I am honored to be a part of this program [Young Writers].


By DeAnthony Hamilton
Humboldt Junior High

Snow covering the
Sidewalk, the remains slowly
Disappearing. Cars circle the
Street recklessly going on a
Rampage and as I look at
The clock, it seems to
Be faltering, and when
It moves slower, time gets
Harder to comprehend.

Author’s Statement:
I wrote a couple of other observations and when I am bored, I just write.

A Lake Galaxy
By Luke Westawker
Ramsey Junior High

I look across the sea, not of water but of trees,
A lake, solemn, sits in its heart,
I move closer for yet a better look.

A howl freezes me in my tracks,
Its source lurks throughout the trees,
Toward an unsuspecting beast!

It leaps and kills in a single blow!
Blood spatters and the victory cry fills the forest.
I turn my head and continue on my way.

Life lurks in these woods, this I know.
A galaxy circling around the solemn lake,
All thrives on it, undisturbed by the threatening race.

All of the forest was born by this lake,
All of the forest survives by this lake,
And all of the forest will die by this lake.

A private world, all to themselves,
But how long will this last,
For the threatening race will come,
I am sure of that.

Author’s Statement:
I enjoy writing poems and fiction stories based on nature and wildlife. I have been inspired by the north shore and have used my experiences there to write poetry.


Life is a Shelter
By Maurice Fields
Murray Junior High

Life is a shelter
Surrounded by the world
We take it for granted
But it soon forgives us
Life is a shelter
The world is a beating heart
Waiting for its stop
And or the brink of Onega
We will soon understand
That all living shall fall
And he may blame us all
Life is a shelter
Soon to break its barriers
But yet fidgeting with its limits
He will forgive us all
Life is a shelter
That will sustain us until we fall.

Author’s Statement:
I write a lot. My inspiration is the world and books. My tone is usually dark, but everything happens for a reason. My reason [in this poem] was life itself.


Flightless in February
By Olivia Nofzinger
Murray Junior High

Snow on a roof
It lays in silence
Like a mouse
Dripping ever slowly
Waiting for cheese.

Tis white.
The color of White-Out.
Tis white.
The color of whitewash.

Down the street I walk
In silence.

Night falls
Like a bongo drum.

Tonight I cannot fly.
I am like a dog that also cannot fly.
I am not like the pterodactyl, or a toucan, or a flying squirrel.

Author’s Statement:
I don’t think of myself as a writer but it was awesome to be involved in this interesting workshop. The volunteer teachers were very helpful.


This Old House
By Damon Bartosch
Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8

This house is not stable.
This house I live in might just fall,
Collapse, and I might not be
Seen again except
in the minds and photos of my
loved ones.

Author’s Statement:
I like writing about love, death, and life.