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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Group H

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Theodore Fabel, leader
Giulia DeLuca, Ramsey Junior High
Santana Vigil, Humboldt Junior High
Summer Vang, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8
Mai Nhia Her, Humboldt Junior High
Kim Johnson, Humboldt Junior High
Caleb McAlees-Callanan, Ramsey Junior High
Erin Lynch, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8


Not Just a House
By Giulia DeLuca
Ramsey Junior High

shelter can
be anything
that protects me
from heat, wind, rain, snow
any form of storm. It
could be a house or a
snowfort in the winter that
shields me from snowstorms and
wind. Just as I heard in the
entrance of the sloped, curvy
hole all sounds from the
cold outdoors muffle, and it
feels like the wind just
surrounds it, trying to get in,
but the blustering winds can’t
manage t squeak in the
invisible door. In that
shelter, like so many others,
even though it’s made
entirely of snow, there is warmth.


Author’s Statement:
My name is Giulia De Luca. I am 12 years old, and I enjoy poems by Robert Frost and Shel Silverstein. They are really calming.


By Santana Vigil
Humboldt Junior High

I walk closer and closer until my heart tumbles. I’m about to attack but one slight move would scare it away. I can already feel my claws sinking into its feathers, then…crunch, crack…I rattled some leaves. It turns to escape. I Jump!

My claws miss its delicate feathers. I run faster up the fallen branch. My claws, my razor-sharp claws finally hit the small being. Blood drips and I know I now have my meal, but as I look into the eyes of the creature, frightened, I know it must live.


On The Beach I Sat…
By Summer Vang
Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8

On the beach I sat,
I sat and stared,
Staring at the blue
And white sky.

As I sat on the
Beach, wondering, I saw beautiful

What would I be doing
If I was a bird right now?

On the beach I sat
And saw an eagle soaring through the sky.

When I looked around,
I saw beautiful waves and birds flying,
Catching fish for dinner
On the beach I sat…

Author’s Statement:
My name is Summer Vang. I like to write poems about how I feel sometimes and also about what is around me.


My First Pet
By Mai Nhia Her
Humboldt Junior High

Little turtle, little turtle
First pet I ever had
The color of your shell was as
Green as nature’s leaves.
People might not have liked you
Because you were my pet.
I always kept you in a net,
So how come you got out?
Little turtle, I hope you
Are in a peaceful place now.
My first pet.

Author’s Statement:
I’m Mai Nhia. I’m 13 years old. I wrote this poem because when I saw the turtle shell [at the Bell Museum] it made me think of my turtle pet that had died. It was like a connection to me. I really like to write about nature like flowers, leaves, trees, and animals.


By Kim Johnson
Humboldt Junior High

Brown Bear, White Ducks,
Yellow-beaked Eagle,
Pouncing Lynx. I’m in awe
And amazement. Flying,
Jumping, Swinging,
Pouncing. Seeing what’s
Not wanted. Brain
Confused, stumbling. Dead?
What do you mean, dead?
Have I heard right?
Timberwolves, Bears,
Sweet Birds, Moose!
You. Me. My Mom! No
One has any say-so on
Anyone’s death.
Epecially animals!
Cold, Helpless, Beautiful,
Ambitious, Dead Animals.

Author’s Statement:
I think I’ve been writing for 2 years and I’ve been writing poems and songs. Poems are my passion. They are my feelings on paper.


All Around Minnesota:
A Snapshot of MN Nature in Poetry
By Caleb McAlees-Callanan
Ramsey Junior High

High up in the sky, the eagles begin to fly.
Sunset in the north woods; this sight is different
From the hood.
Magical, so magical, it would lay the lion tame at
The feet of the lamb.
A bully would tremble at the mercy of a weaker man.
Air is crisp, clean and pretty.
Flowers bloom, and fireworks boom.
The eagle prowls, and the grey wolf howls.

Leaving the woods, the scene transitions to a bleak
Water laps up the shore line; the chirping begins
Just on time.
With violent speed, an avalanche from the sky
Comes towards me.
With a toss of a hand and a fling of bread the
Seagulls are full from head to toe.
The air so crisp, the water so clean, you would
Think Superior could never be mean.
But with a touch of God’s mighty hand, the water
Has power that is stronger than man’s many ships.
It sank Fitzgerald’s mighty crew.
You don’t want to be swallowed by this lake’s
Mighty mouth.
Famous for multiple things: fish, water,
lighthouses and shopping.
Duluth’s Lake Superior.
Dig your toes into the sandy shore. You’ll know
You’re not in Kansas anymore.
Yellow brick road, yellow brick road. They’re not here
But you can still walk the shops along the pier.

Once again, our journey continues.
You find yourself lost in a grassy plain.
You save the mental photograph of beauty in your brain.
Mother nature used her sculpting hands to create
A masterpiece.
Sadly enough, we have still found a way to destroy
The beauty.
Dark clouds caress nature’s innocent breast.
Destroying all that is good.
Fires burn on like a village pillaging thief.
But there is hope glimmering in the distance.

Changing gears quickly, like this poem, we move on to
The end.
I view fire burning intensely bright, but in the distance,
I see ice.
On the end of fire, I see a man in tank top and shorts.
On the end of ice, I see a woman in coat and pants.
But they join together.
Better than ever.
Last word.

Author’s Statement:
Caleb is 13 years old and lives in St. Paul. He enjoys writing poetry and watching Family Guy.


By Erin Lynch
Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8

I feel the rocks beneath my paws
The smell of blood catches my attention
Having not eaten in almost a week
One thought comes to my mind –
Wind dancing through my fur
Propelling my weak  body forward
Stronger and stronger, the smell is
Filling my nostrils with lust
Almost there
Almost there

Author’s Statement:
My name is Erin Lynch and I’m in 8th grade at Farnsworth Aerospace, 5-8. I like to write poems and fictional stories. I like to write about things that I also like to read about.