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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Group G

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Alex Rick, leader
Kim Johnson, Humboldt Senior High
Gretchen Osweiler, Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8
Phoenix Perez, Humboldt Junior High
Rose Wimberly, Ramsey Junior High
Perrin Shyne, Humboldt Junior High


By Kim Johnson
Humboldt Senior High

Brown Bear. White Ducks.
Yellow-beaked eagle.
Pouncing lynx. I’m amazed.
Fly. Jump to swings
Brain confused. Stumbled. Dead?
What do you mean, dead?
Have I heard right?
Timberwolves, bears,
Sweet birds, moose!
You. Me. My mom! No one has any say-so about
Anyone’s death,
Especially animals!
Cold, helpless, beautiful,
Ambitious, dead animals.

Author’s Statement:
I think I’ve been writing for 2 years and I’ve been writing poems and songs. Poems are my passion; they’re my feelings on paper.


The Fox’s Eye
By Gretchen Osweiler
Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet 5-8

The eye of the fox
Is full of mystery and wonder.
Fox run with speed and agility.
They will never give up in chasing their
Prey. One fox will stare down another
Fox, not in his pack. The great
burning eye of the fox  is full of
mystery and wonder.

Author’s Statement:
I write mostly about nature. I love to write poetry. I get inspired by my surroundings.


By Phoenix Perez
Humboldt Junior High

Being alone, all by myself,
It’s scary but it helps
Helps me be tuough, strong
And powerful. Being alone is
Boring but you get to relax
When I’m alone, I’m very
lonely. I never like being
Who does like being
Do people Do animals? Do
You? Do I?
How do you think animals
feel when they’re alone?
How about when their
Parents leave them at
Such a young age?
I think
They feel
What about at night
in the dark, black woods? I think
they feel ALONE.
I would feel ALONE!!
How would you feel
being ALONE????!!!!

Author’s Statement:
Me as a writer – I think I am good at it. I can write a lot. Sometimes I enjoy writing but other times, I don’t.


A Tree is a Tree
By Rose Wimberly
Ramsey Junior High

A tree is a tree
But that’s not it

The tree has stories to tell
To give someone shade
To give a home to a nest of birds

A tree is a tree
But that’s not it

They are there to make their
Leaves rustle in the air
To creak back and forth in the wind

A tree is a tree
But that’s not it

A tree us used for wood
A tree is used for paper

When a tree is gone,
That’s it.

Author’s Statement:
I love writing and enjoy the environment.


By Perrin Shyne
Humboldt Junior High

Red anger flickers in the burning eyes of the timberwolves
Your heart beats as they lick their chops
The three wolves form a triangle
The two in back jump behind you
You are now a part of their fighting triangle
The one in front of you howls
He pounces
You now lay on the ground; the wolf has two paws on you
He opens his mouth and takes a bite out of your shoulder
An unendurable pain appears
The other wolves join in
They claw at your skin
Ripping your flesh and muscle
Your blood
Drips all over your deathbed
The biggest wolf brings remains of your flesh to its pups.
The others do the same
Later, your body becomes fertilization for new plants
Food for small rodents
Who will become food for other carnivores
You will forever continue the cycle of life
But you won’t know that
Because you’re dead.

Author’s Statement:
I write stuff.