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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Rick's Group

link to coverRick Filipkowski, leader
William Hageman, Como
Chantha Lee, Central
James Reed, Harding
Mirita Tavale Reita, Harding
Jada Rogers, Central


by William Hageman
Como Park Senior High School

writingThis museum showed me that, like the Pedicord apts where nothing is how it seems, and the curtained corner booth where you learn how to observe art with more than one sense, one picture or object can say 1,000 words. Examples are the two masked men photos or the collage, where a whole mess of pictures can be used to describe the time period you live in. At this museum, I have learned that, when observing art, it’s obvious that one sense is not going to cut it, and a true artist takes his or her time when observing either the unknown or even everyday life. To go through life blindly looking straight in one direction instead of looking around a little, not stopping to smell the roses makes you realize that you can judge a book by it’s cover but that doesn’t mean you’ve read the book.


Untitled Author’s Statement:

The reason I wrote this piece is, for one to reflect on the experiences I had while here. As well as learning that art is not set in stone but can be whatever you decide.



Reading Art
by Chantha Lee
Central Senior High School

writingAs 2 days have passed, in which we studied and learned about art pieces it has opened my eyes and made me see things in two different ways. You can look at Art, and see a beautiful picture or see something that can tell you a story. I used to see Art as just an image, something people create to express themselves. I never knew how to “read” art, but it’s really actually complex yet easy to do. All you need is to study the art and it will speak to you. The junk sculpture really spoke to me and that is why I am writing about “Art that Speaks to you.” Studying the sculpture, made me able to understand why this person sculpted it. It is not only was a beautiful sculpture but it tells a story, and not just one; but many.


Reflective Art Author’s Statement:
My name is Chantah Lee, I am 15 and currently attending St. Paul Central High School. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I was born in Green Bay, WI and recently moved to St. Paul.



Memory Rules the World
by James Reed
Harding Senior High School

collageI have a friend named Lord
he has a mom named Lavon
She passed away yesterday
and it hurts that she’s gone
They say she’s in a better place
But I rather she’d be here
Even though I cannot see her
I can feel that she’s near
We had a very special bond
death failed to tear apart
Because of that bond she’ll
Always have a spot inside my heart
From the clouds she watches me
our bonds can’t be severed
Like the memories we share
because I’ll cherish them forever


Memory Rules the World Author’s Statement:
This poem was inspired by and devoted to Lavon Barnes may she rest in Peace.



by Mirita Tavale Reita
Harding Senior High School

writing   He designs his creations
with no mistakes.
Every flaw is just a detail
of beauty through his eyes.
He becomes unconditionally
in love with his outcomes.
His masterpiece speaks to
He is the best artist of all
As his creation, I speak to him and give
thanks for his unconditional
love and present of presence even if
his beauty is my flaw.


Creation Author’s Statement:
I wrote this not exactly knowing what to write. I thought of how artists themselves determine if their work is good or not. There is no standard. I then thought of how I was made and thought of God as an artist and me as a masterpiece.



writingA Huge Thanks
by Jada Rogers
Central Senior High School


A Huge Thanks: Author’s Statement:
I’m a sophomore at Central. I am from Chicago and I wrote this piece in appreciation to this experience.