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Young Writers Conference, 2011–C2 (Hot Pink)

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Ashley Lee, Como
Tiffany Lee, Como
Arion Walker, Central


My Reflection
by Ashley Lee
Como Park Senior High School

imageMy reflection is no different in any other mirror,
But in this mirror…
I see a whole new me

My expression shows fear
A less determined me
And a reflection that is only going to teach me

I see the mistakes I’ve made
All that I needed was a second look

My eyes…
Gazing into my own eyes
I see the hurt from the loss of my mother
In my eyes,
I see the abuse of a troubled teen
In my eyes,
I see the rage of an angry father
A single parent,
Who has given up hope

My lips,
You only see a smile when there’s laughter
It isn’t covering up hurt emotions
But lost time
All the times I could have been smiling
And all the times I should have been smiling

My nose
I smell the weakness of my own thoughts
I feel as if sometimes I can’t think on my own
It’s difficult to have to face this

My reflection…
Is the only answer to my questions


My reflection Author’s Statement:
Ashley Lee is a 15 year old sophomore at Como Park Senior High. She started writing in 2006 and has been doing it ever since.



by Tiffany Lee
Como Park Senior High School

writingI passed through the ocean midair for you.
Labeled and tossed around by you.
Picked up and thrown down by you
although I am clearly labeled…FRAGILE.
We mutually started off as strangers
as I caught your eyes wandering about.
You got to know me, you chose me, and we made it official.
A while afterwards as days went by,
sweat rolled down your red, rosy cheeks
and your strong hands picked me up.
You groaned under your breath and passed me along.
I couldn’t find myself to understand what went wrong.
I got lost in the large pile filled with others like myself
and hoped to return to you again some day.
Although it would be a while, I would patiently wait.
Perhaps someday you would fully understand
how my edges are rough and my exterior is bland.
But even with all that, it’s hard to comprehend.
Comprehend the true meaning under all that there is in me.
To as well, realize how sensitive I can be and how looks can be deceiving.
I hoped you would be there and keep me from believing
that I was not worth your time.
Since to me, you were worth it.
That’s why I passed through the ocean midair for you.
Let you label me and toss me around.
Pick me up and throw me down,
although I was and still am labeled


Fragile Author’s Statement:
My name is Tiffany Lee and I am a sophomore at Como Park Sr. High School. I began to write poems when I joined a poetry/spoken word group with my aunt. Ever since then, I’ve continued to write.



Bullets to Punctured Heart
by Arion Walker
Central Senior High School

writingIt takes one bullet to kill someone
Once you put the bullet into the barrel
you only got one thing on your mind
but why do you want someone to be dead?
Is it because you drink the wine of violence
and eat the bread of the wicked?
When you point the gun at someone and you click it,
it’s a one way ticket to a bunch of hail
because it’s rained of ice for advice
I listen because God’s judgment is nothing nice
I used to know a boy name Brice.
He took matters into his own hands.
Had his hands up on the handle - went to an enemy’s house
started slice’n and dice’n.
If someone told him about Christ this situation would never have happened or
Maybe someone did,
perhaps he didn’t listen now he’s in a detention facility.
Can you guys hear me?
It only takes one murder weapon to kill
It only takes one