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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Peter's Group

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Tyler Arends, Como
Shian Burton, Central
Freeda McGuire, Harding
Nousheelong Yang, Central



March 2, 2010
by Tyler Arends
Como Park Senior High School

writingI look at my life…
past, present, & future
I’ve been through the ups,
downs, and all the twists
that creep up on you.
I’ve struggled through
addiction, my own as well
as others; watching abuse
towards my mother, seeing
my sister become & live
as a teen mom, and
going through poverty.
I realize I have never
had a bad life, but had
bad times happen just like
everyone around me.
I may have not had all
the cool things or the
money, but we made
the best outta what
we did have. I have never
been on the streets and
I have never starved.
My mom being a single
parent did above and beyond
what she could, trying to
raise 3 kids. My father
doesn’t really talk to me.
He lives in a different
state raising his other child
making me feel neglected
and unloved. I would see
people with their dads
and cry because I didn’t
understand why my father doesn’t
love me. My older brother
is special needs and gets
help for things a normal
person is capable of
but he’s not. Watching
him be picked on
hurt me and when
I called him ‘retarded’
I didn’t realize it hurt
him so much and I
wish everyday that I
could trade places with
my brother to show him
that he’s really not different
and that he’s loved no
matter what. My sister
having a child at 17
and raising him on her
own while still being
a child herself.
Me, having the pressure
to be so-called “perfect.”
To graduate, get a good
job  and life for myself,
to be better than
what my family is.
With all of that on
my shoulders, I realize
my life is not perfect,
but it’s the best life
I can have and I’m
Thankful from everything
that has happened.
I don’t regret anything
because if I changed
the past, I wouldn’t be
who I am Today.
I’m blessed to have met
everyone I have. I’m happy
I’ve gotten to experience
things I believed I wouldn’t.
I wake-up every day
and thank God for keeping
me alive. Bill Keane
said, “Yesterday’s the past,
tomorrow’s the future,
but today is a gift,
that’s why it’s called the
and I follow that
with a smile on my face.

March 2, 2010 Author’s Statement:
I like to write about things in my life because it’s emotional and I can express things on paper better than in person.



by Shian Burton
Central Senior High School

writingYou try to use a shield to protect your heart,
to prevent the pain and getting hurt.
But sometimes the pain can come from behind
and sneak up on you, and know you don’t know what
to do. People Love you, people hate you, you have
more fake friends than real friends. Sometimes it’s
better to let go the old to make room for the
new. You can talk to anybody whether it’s your
family or friends. Just keep your head
up and don’t give in. You hear so many lies that
you don’t know the truth, but keep going and
just be you.






About Freeda
by Freeda McGuire
Harding Senior High School





by Nousheelong Yang
Central Senior High School

writingEveryday I regret
why I live today.
Somewhere far away
she's happy.
People today are
cynical and twisted,
they have forgotten
how their life was important.
She somehow dragged me
out of that bag
For I was about to
submit to despair.
When I was small, all I
thought about was fighting
she came in and was
the opposite coin.
She was an everyday
girl with a past,
which I realize
everybody is also suffering.
I thought I was
the only one scared,
but it turns out
I was the just weaker one.

I had a sword that’d
slay any obstacles away
but she gave me a new sword,
a sword to protect the loud ones.
Because she was involved,
she was hurt.
As I saw that pain,
I felt it and something collapsed.
Because there were so many
Sins we committed, I created “sin.”
“Sin” is my other side that
holds all the hatred towards humanity.
Sin wanted humanity to know
That’s why we’re cynical.
When he knew the truth, he
couldn't bear it and opened a hole.
The hole couldn’t be controlled
because too much despair was entering.
The only way to stop it was
the way it came in.
Sin wondered why humanity
couldn't be like E.G.
For E.G. was that one
girl who wanted to cover the world with love…
If I had the power of time,
I would make sure E.G. wasn’t hurt.  

EG Author’s Statement:

It only takes One Heart to change the world.