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Young Writers Conference, 2011–The Gold Group

link to cover pageMolly Schned, leader
Shanice Kong, Harding
Cierra Reed, Harding
Krystal Schmid, Central
Jadelyn Thao, Harding
Sheng Xiong, Como


by Shanice Kong
Harding Senior High School

collageThe sun peaks up on the
horizon like a kid in the
hamper. The warmth from the
sun slowly creeps until
it hits the surface of my
window. The birds start
to warm up their wings, and
begin to chirp. The dew
on the grass sparkles, the
fog starts to fade, as
I slowly crawl out
of bed.
The birds and the bees couldn’t
ever feel what I’m feeling
this morning.


Serenity Author’s Statement:
My name is Shanice Kong & I love enjoying the little things in life.



by Cierra Reed
Harding Senior High School

collageIt’s crazy how someone’s death can impact your life in so many ways. I’ve lost two important people in my life. My uncle and my mother-in-law. It feels like death is getting closer and closer to me and the ones I love. It’s better to forgive and forget now than regret later. You never know when the ones you love will pass away. So don’t hold grudges, because you will regret it and it’s a waste of time. Cherish every moment and live in the present, because tomorrow’s not promised and neither is the future.
R.I.P. Uncle La La – 2009
R.I.P. Mom Lavon Barnes – 2010
You have touched so many lives and will never be forgotten.

Love Always,
Cierra Reed


Death Author’s Statement:
This poem is inspired by a death in my family on March 2, 2010 and in September of “09.” R.I.P. Dedicated to Uncle La La and R.I.P. Mother In Law Lavon Barnes.



by Jadelyn Thao
Harding Senior High School




Nature (collage)
by Sheng Xiong
Como Senior High School



Nature Artist’s Statement:
Can relate to everyone & their lives. We tend to misjudge one another, book cover should get to know a person & their history/background. View people/others as savages cause looks. Care too much about looks/dress like. Pictures catch a moment, yet expressed in so many ways. Also seeing their point of view. Use internet site express yourself, research help us know ones background. We are like doctors, we can be a hero help one another survive in the world. Everything/everyone has a connection without us realizing it.