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Young Writers Conference, 2011–The Fantastic Five

link to cover pageMeredith McCarthy, leader
Fathi Mahad, Como
Touger Thao, Harding
Chee Vang, Harding
April Yang, Central


Love Told
by Fathi Mahad
Como Park Senior High School

writingIf I told you I loved you,
Would you care to respond?
Or would I be left alone,
Watching you walk away?
Would you tell me, no way,
Or say it in a nicer tone?
Would I be told I’m not worth it?
Or would you miraculously say you loved me too?
Would this affect our friendship?
Or would everything go downhill?
Is it even worth it?
To risk our friendship for these feelings I have?
Would it be all right if I told you I loved you?

Love Told Author’s Statement:
I like writing because it expresses the way I feel.



Presentation on 2/17/10
by Touger Thao
Harding Senior High School

writingOn February 17, 2010, the second day of my field trip to the Weisman Art Museum, a presentation by Wing Young Huie took place. He is a professional photographer and artist. His recent project was on taking photos of people in a community. Why? Because from taking the pictures, Wing Young was able to look deeply into the idea of how the people are affecting the community, how their differences corresponded with each other, and how everyday life for each individual is like. Of course, there are also many other reasons too.
During the presentation, Wing Young talked a lot about hoe he took his photos because depending on how you take the photo, the subjects in it will be portrayed and looked at differently. He explains that sometimes when he is taking forty or more photos there might not even be one good one. In his eyes, this was very important for us to know.

For his presentation, Wing Young presented a series of photos taken by himself from our community. In most of the photos, people from our community were holding up boards with words or sentences. What Wing Young wanted to do was to show what the people’s thoughts were and how they portray their everyday life as a community and how it affects us as viewers in how we look at the photos. He also added a specific genre of music to show our differences in our ethnic groups by playing Hmong music and other music. The music was good because it also spoke about community or at least vaguely about it.
From Wing Young’s presentation, the idea that he presented to us was very inspiring. The photos very meaningful and extraordinary.

Presentation on 2/17/10 Author’s Statement:
Take pride in your community, despite the difference of each individual.



We Are the Same
by Chee Vang
Harding Senior High School

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