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Young Writers Conference, 2011–Eileen's & Donna's Group

link to cover pageDonna Clark/Eileen Johnson, leaders
Kayla Grupp, Central
Juan C. Ramirez-Rojas, Central
Kadejah Sanderson, Central
Brenda Vang, Como
Michelle Vang, Como


Something in the Shadows
by Kayla Grupp
Central Senior High School

writingPart 2 – Shadows of Death
The wind blows ghostly whispers in my ear.
The night presses around me, holding me like a blanket.
To me, darkness symbolizes being alone,
Yet I feel as though something or someone lurks in the shadows of the night.
The same shadows are pressing around me now, caressing my skin, lulling me to come closer.
They tell me promises of eternal happiness.
I take a step closer, mesmerized, and then stop.
Knowing that their promises are empty.
Knowing that just like them, if I give into the seduction of the night, then I too will be bound to the darkness. Just as they, sad and lonely.
Tonight I will not give in. But tomorrow brings another day and then another night.
Another night of their sweet whispers in my ear.
Another night.
I might just give in.


writingPart 2 – Shadows of Death
The loom of death casts shadows about.
The dark hands of destiny grab me, and hold me tight.
I try to cling to life.
Desperate gasps of air leave my mouth and enter the dark.
I cry and scream. Pleading to whatever.
God punishes me now.
I close my eyes and when I open them, the hands no longer clasp me in their death grip.
I sink to the ground, shaking violently, tears stream down my face.
The wind howls, whipping my hair around my face.
The shadows press closer to me, reminding me that I am not alone.





Our Story
by Kadejah Sanderson
Central Senior High School

imageM.A.R.Q.U.E.Z. Storey.
19 years old but 30 years in jail for 1 death.
1 death that directly affected the lives of 1 Mom, 2 Dads, 3 sisters and 1 baby.
2 shots, 2 sounds, 1 bullet, 1 young man.
With no regrets, no blame, not ashamed.
Took the life of my cousin as if it was a game.
Too stupid to see, not caring if we, we the family of Dionte Montantes on June 19th could ever see. See his face, his smile, his walk.
1000th block of Igrehart Avenue, 5:15.
So-called gang signs ripped his hands.
Held in contempt the soul of the boy that could’ve been a man. Stripped him from his life, stole from him his dream.
Dionte Montantes, my cousin, would have been a great athlete and a well-educated soul.
So I tell Storey our story.
The story of a sister that would turn 13 the next day, a mother and father that recently delivered a child.
The story of a sister who loved her brother with all her heart,
The family that will never forget and always love.
Our story.



by Brenda Vang
Como Senior High School





A Note
by Michelle Vang
Como Senior High School